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Christmas In October… No, Seriously

Merry Christmas!

I know, I know… It’s October. BUT in our house, it’s the start of the Christmas decorating season… It sounds silly when you say that out loud, but I have a reason!

Yes, my family actually starts putting up Christmas decos in October. I think a little Christmas cheer a bit early is a good thing. It’s all about Joy, Hope, Peace, and a bunch of other amazing things. Who wouldn’t want that a few months early? Especially this year!

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“That’s still crazy!” I hear you saying, but wait for the reasons. Granted, our reasons are a little sad, but I prefer to think of them as special. Every family has their traditions after all, and this one is ours. Of course, when you tell people about it they give you a look like you’ve either just told them that the sky is actually a soft pink colour, or that their nose is actually on their back…

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Over ten years ago my Mother was diagnosed with cancer, and she was worried that it would be her final year to spend with us. So, in October she put up the decorations, and is still here 10+ years later. BUT, the decorations in October stuck! It’s a reminder of making it through a tough time, and being here with family and loved ones!
It comes from a sad place, but it’s turned into a joyous tradition (all while giving everyone we know a good laugh!)

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What are some Christmas traditions that YOU wish could last all year, or come a little early?
Is it the Christmas tunes, dinners, or decorations (like us)?
Share them in the comments below! I’d love to know. 

See You in The Adventures

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