Deadlines: Motivation or Crippling Fear?

It’s five minutes until you have to hand in that report for work, that assignment for class, or that manuscript that you’ve been working on for six years… And it’s not ready!!

Okay, I hope that ISN’T you! Some people are great at the last minute submission, but when it’s come to my book, I don’t like the idea.

I’ve been working for 2 years to get to this point. To publish a book, in print and ebook, and for it to be out there in the world! So, when my editors deadline approached with only ONE MONTH to go, I made a STUPID choice…. I did a HUGE edit with only four weeks to go.

I am essentially squeezing 2-3 months worth of work into 1 month. Crazy!!! I’m nuts, right?

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I’ve heard it said, that a deadline is incredibly motivating for some people. That hasn’t been my experience. Having a deadline (and not being ready, I should add), makes things stressful for me.

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Yes, I should have planned better. Yes, maybe I should have given my Beta Readers the draft BEFORE there was only a few months to go. Learning. Next time I’ll be more prepared.
In the meantime, I get to stuff as much work as I possibly can, while trying to keep my sanity…

If you’re that person who thrives with a deadline, PLEASE share your secret with me!!

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