The Great Bike Robbery

“Don’t point that thing at me,” I said as he pushed the weapon into my face.

“Shut up! Just hand it over,” he said, his eyes wild. I rolled my eyes and shook my head.

“Don’t wave that around, you could hurt someone.” My protest fell on deaf ears as he eyed the loot he had spotted behind the counter.

“This is a serious weapon. Just do what I say.”

I was getting impatient now. “You think I’m just going to hand this over? It’s worth a lot of money. More than you have, I’m sure.”

His face scrunched further, and he flung the weapon further towards me. I took a slight step backward and sighed dramatically. I glanced at the woman standing in line behind him and she avoided eye contact. I didn’t want to call my manager to the register for this, it wasn’t worth the incident report.

Begrudgingly, I shoved the items into a bag and handed them over to him. He grinned and continued pointing the weapon in my direction as he walked backward out of the store.

“Haha!” He screamed, running from the store and towards his getaway vehicle.

The boy slung the bag over his shoulder and jumped onto his bike, slipping the water pistol shaped like a gun into his pants pocket. He pedaled away with whooping about his victory.

The woman who had been behind him opened her wallet and paid for her son’s purchases. She gave an apologetic smile and slumped her shoulders, “He’s never done anything like this before.”

Okay so ‘GREAT’ may have been a stretch. Have you been a witness to an interesting incident with a child and parent in a store?
Share it in the comments below!


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