Plan B, cdefg…

“The Plan is going perfectly.”
“What do you mean perfectly? Everything’s going wrong!”
“That’s why we have a Plan B.”

When you make a plan, do you automatically come up with a backup… just in case?

There are advantages for having a backup plan. When that pesky spy you didn’t want crashing your operation tries to stop you, what else is there but to have a PLAN B?
CGT needed a lot of Plan B’s when Hannah Carmichael came along. Their latest one, was to kill those they couldn’t control (Check out the link at the end of this post for what happened with THAT plan b).

But what about normal Plan B’s – the ones that don’t involve spies or life and death?
A plan B for if it rains on your wedding day, or the movie you picked is sold out? What about your favourite restaurant not having a table for you?
Do you come up with backups, just in case?

I don’t know about for normal life decisions (like the movies or having dinner), but when it comes to committing a crime, a heist or some other sort of dangerous activity – plan B (and c, d, e, f etc) would probably be a good idea. NOT that i’m saying it’s okay to commit such acts, or that we should be thinking about these things on a regular basis, but what happens to a police officer who doesn’t have a backup plan (or the training procedures in place for an alternate option). On a bust, the criminals throw something at you that you didn’t expect… did you come up with a backup plan?

I was thinking about the Plan B idea, and it feels a little like you don’t have faith in your Plan A, but on the flip side, that you’re thinking of every possible outcome. So where do you land on Plan B’s? I think for something life altering, maybe we should have one….

I’d love to hear your thoughts, so comment below 😀
If you want to read what CGT’s Plan B was, check out the link below and join the super spy Hannah Carmichael:

Hope your Plan B’s are going okay during times of lockdown and isolation!
See You in The Adventures

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