From the Shadows, To the LIGHT

A secret company which works in the shadows of the spy community. Claiming to be a force for good, but really a force for profit, war and chaos!
Sound familiar? (Apart from every other spy movie out there) – That’s because Hannah Carmichael (my super spy character) is dealing with such an agency called CGT!

These shadowy agencies are fun for a conspiracy hit in a spy story, but the way they operate is similar to the feelings some people are having right now. Stuck in the shadows, in a dark place with the light not shining through yet.

Some of us are trapped in lockdowns and self isolation which feels dark and we are being bombarded with negative thoughts, emotions and options.
I’ve had some tough days and a tough week over the last few months, but there were some things that I discovered about myself, about negativity and about bringing the light into my situation – which you can as well!

I love light. It pierces the dark so amazingly, that it just doesn’t exist anymore. Hannah Carmichael is trying to bring CGT out of the shadows and into the light, where it can be examined and stopped! That’s what we should be doing to our own shadowy agencies. Our thoughts that we are alone, that things will never go back to a place of ‘normal’, that we aren’t enough. These thoughts, these negative feelings and emotions need to be brought out of the shadows and into the light. Why? Because you take away their power.

Once you bring something to the light; you talk about it, admit it (even to yourself), work through whatever triggered it, and move through it – you take away it’s power. An unspoken word can often have more power than a spoken word. It’s hard to admit that you’re struggling, it’s hard to admit that you need help, it’s hard to take a step towards the light. It might seem comfortable where you are in the shadows; nobody will understand, I’ll sound crazy, people will think i’m just complaining all the time – NO!
Bringing a thought to light, takes away it’s power and allows your brain to process it and move on.

So in these times of isolation, reach out to someone, reach out to a helpline, and smash your shadows with the light!
If you want to see how Hannah Carmichael is looking at smashing CGT into the light, check out the link below:

I hope you’re all doing okay, and staying safe.

Christy Grace

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