Shoot Out

He snapped his head around the old car and a bullet whipped by his cheek. Pulling back just in time, Oliver breathed in and out as he silently moved his hands in the symbol for a cross.

Lifting his head back up, he raised his own gun, firing at one of the cops who had been chasing him. A sharp pain zipped through his shoulder, and he was pulled back by an unseen force.

Oliver took in deep breaths, watching as the blood started to trickle out onto his pale blue shirt. He wrapped his other hand over the wound, gun starting to slip out of the other.

“Give up Oliver! You’ve been injured, you need a doctor,” one of the cops yelled out to him. He rolled his eyes, checking the area for an escape. He was boxed in. Checking his magazine, he groaned at the sight of the two bullets left. One in chamber, and two in the clip; he had three chances.

“We’ll go on record that you surrendered, it’ll go a long way to make your sentence lighter.”

Oliver exhaled; he knew that wouldn’t make a difference. This was his third time being arrested for armed robbery. As he shifted in his spot, Oliver checked quickly from behind the car. The two cops were closer than they were before. He was out of options.


Phillip and Michael had the suspect cornered; he had nowhere to go. They were trying to talk him into a surrender. At least that would be a more peaceful ending to this chase.

“I can’t go back to jail!” He yelled from behind his barricade.

Michael motioned for them to move closer and they quickly advanced. This showdown was going to end in a few minutes, and Phillip wanted to be on alert.
The smash of a gunshot filled the junkyard and Phillip shared a look with Michael. No bullet had whipped past them, so where did it go?

The realisation crossed their minds at the same time and Phillip frowned as Michael lowered his gun with a shrug. He had killed himself instead of going back to prison.
Slowly, they moved towards the grizzly scene, guns still raised in case.

At the edge of the junkyard car, Phillip took up a positing right behind Michael as he stepped forward. The flash of the pistol felt blinding in slow motion, and Phillip lunged forward. His partner fell to the ground and the suspect jumped up from behind the car.

Phillip fired off three bullets before he could release the trigger, and he watched as the suspect crashed onto the hood of the car. Stuck in place, Phillip waited until he was sure the criminal wasn’t going to move, then he turned.

Michael held the place in his chest where the bullet landed, breathing heavily, “Lucky I was wearing my vest.”



Thanks for reading this short story! Keep checking back for more stories, adventures and general wonderings.
See You in The Adventures


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