The End…?

The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles is at 70 instalments this month – 70!!!! Which is the END to a large PART ONE of her adventures.

When I reached this ‘ending’ it made me feel accomplished, but also a little sad – because it really is like the end. So, what happens now? Do I keep writing something that has brought me so much joy, or put it away and come back to it a little ways down the road?

It did also make me think about other endings. Like endings of a season of life (like being a teenager, being single, or finally retiring), and the end of a chapter (in a book, but also maybe dating somebody and either breaking up, or getting married, or maybe the chapter of mental health issues is closing?).

What chapter or season of life are you closing the book on? And what are you stepping into next? I’d love to know as I step into a new chapter of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles.

Yes, there are more Hannah Carmichael that I have in store, and that I’m excited to continue writing and releasing, but it feels like the end of an era in a way!

Let me know YOUR transitional time in the Comments or on the CGSP Facebook page!

And don’t forget to check out your own FREE copy of the first 30 instalments which have been updated, edited and re-designed at the link below:

See You in the Adventures


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