Happy New Year…BANG (Furious Fiction)

Below is a Furious Fiction written for the AWC in January 2020 – Enjoy!


Happy New Year… BANG

“Three, Two, One! Happy New Year!” Cheering echoed through the city.
“Cue the fireworks,” Elliot chirped beside me, as the sky lit up. I peeled my eyes away from the spectacular display in my binoculars, and focused on our target instead.
“New Years Eve is perfect for this type of mission,” Elliot said.
As I pulled the binoculars down, he moved to his sniper perch.
“Nobody hears the shot when all the fireworks are booming,” He flashed a side smile in my direction. “It’s just serendipity that our target is in the city tonight.”
I sighed and pulled down the eye glasses, watching as he set up the long-range sniper rifle.
“Do you ever feel bad?” I asked.
Elliot chuckled, then turned to face me, “You knew what this gig was, why feel bad now?” He frowned and continued setting up the rifle.
“This mission is in the high double digits for me, maybe I’ve done enough.”
Elliot paused then let go of the gun, his voice now a whisper, “Careful what you’re saying Stella, the walls have ears.”

As he turned back to the rifle again, I glanced around the room.
‘Good reasons don’t always mean good actions’
My mothers the words from childhood echoed through my thoughts.
Maybe it was time for me to get out.
I spotted the emergency burner phone sticking out from one of the gear bags, and I checked again on Elliot. As he stared through the sniper scope, I silently slipped the phone into my pocket.

This target was supposed to be a traitor, but there was no concrete proof. It was as good a person as any, to warn of the impending consequences.
Fireworks continued to crack above us and I pulled out the secure phone, unlocking it. I typed in the number, then a warning message and took in a deep breath, hitting the button and sharing the assassination plans.
Slipping out the battery, I then pulled out the SIM card and snapped it in half, tossing the phone back into my bag.

As I pulled up the binoculars once again, I heard Elliot inhale, “Ok, I see the target. I almost have a clear shot.” We watched as the spy checked her mobile phone.
After a moment, she put it back into her pocket, then in a sudden burst, dove onto the floor.
“What’s she doing?” Elliot asked. Shots from the spy’s apartment flew towards us, and we ducked, waiting for an opening to return fire.
“We’re blown, we’re blown! Agents need backup!” Elliot yelled into his radio.
It was done. I was out, one way or the other.


Hope you enjoyed this ‘Furious Fiction’ short story! For more, check out the ‘ADVENTURES’ page and search for Furious Fiction!
See You in The Adventures

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