The Picture (Furious Fiction)

Below is a Furious Fiction for the AWC – Enjoy!!


The Picture

My own wheezing breath swirled through my ears and I bent over, trying to inhale deeply.
“Hey, are you alright?” A distant voice asked.
I sapped upright and gave a shaky nod, then turned and bumped into another woman on the footpath. Through the fog I heard ‘Rude’ and ‘Must be on drugs’ but I kept propelling forward without uttering an apology.
Why did I just do that?
I spun around a corner, keys jingling in my pocket as I smashed my back against the wall. A sharp stab in my left leg sent pain sensors coursing through my body, and I winced.
How could I have just done that?
The street was jam-packed full of commuters, and as they zipped past me as I inhaled sharp breaths. Swallowing hard, I carefully peeked to where I had been standing a few moments earlier.
It’s still there.
I closed my eyes and counted to ten. My mind was racing with the possibilities of the next 24 hours. I tried to take deeper breaths.
It would be fine right?

As my right eye twitched open, I saw him. He was driving the Australia Post van.
Flicking both eyes open fully, I flung myself forwards towards the stranger; the one who held my future in his hands.
He hopped into the driver’s seat and pulled his van into traffic. Frantic, I searched the cars for my own, then stumbled over my feet as I began a race with the disappearing van. He was going to deliver the letter, the one with…. the picture.
I shook my head and slammed my door closed, punching the gas pedal and screeching forward. What was I thinking? Our relationship didn’t need more sizzle. If anything, it needed less.
How could I have done that?

As the van got further and further away, I felt the panic rising. Clicking onto the Voice Activation option, I screamed an order at the steering wheel to call Dean.
“Hello?” Dean answered, his voice croaky.
“Were you sleeping at two o’clock in the afternoon?” I asked, shaking my head and swerving into the left lane, “Never mind. It’s coming today and you have to ignore it.”
“What?” Dean asked, yawning loudly.
“A letter is coming today. Just ignore it,” I said as the van turned into my street.
“What are you talking about, what letter?”
I groaned, “I sent you a letter.”
The van pulled up next to my house and I slammed on my breaks.
“Hang on, there’s someone at the front door. I think it’s the mail,” Dean said as I tried unsuccessfully to squeak out words, any words to stop it.
He groaned and whispered the worst four words I’ve ever heard, “I’ll call you back.”
The line clicked.


I hope you enjoyed this Furious Fiction short story!
If you want more, head to the ADVENTURES page and search for ‘Furious Fiction’
See You in The Adventures!

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