Four flights of stairs?? No thanks!

I couldn’t image having to go up four flights of stairs every day, never mind 20 flights!

Recently in the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles instalment THE FALL (HCC 69) Hannah had to chase someone up 20 flights of stairs!
Even though I don’t really address the absolute EXHAUSTION that she was probably facing after that trek, I was very much aware of it myself.

I’m not the most fit human being in the world (although I am working on that!), so the though alone, of having to trudge up 20 stories, 20 sets of 10 or more stairs, was the WORST thing I could think of.

Luckily, Hannah had athleticism and adrenaline on her side – although what happened next wasn’t the BEST out of the possible options (but you’ll have to check out the story to see what I mean).

After thinking about this, I realised there are people who are FORCED to go up stairs every day – those people who live in apartments with no elevator!
Four floor walk ups, or buildings with six stories and no lift…. ugh.

Props to those people, but if I wanted to rent/buy an apartment, it HAS to include an elevator!

I’d love to know which type of person YOU are. If you had the choice, would you use the stairs or the elevator? Pop your answer in the comments below, or head to the CGSP Facebook page and let us know!

If you want to see what Hannah does once she’s gone up those 20 flights of stairs, check the link below:

See You in The Adventures!

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