STRENGTH in a Time of Weakness

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can

Right now, the world is crazy. It’s being stuck inside, it’s being told you can’t do something you’ve done your whole life, it’s not working or going to school, it’s not seeing your friends and family, it’s crazy.

I went on a hike the other week with my sister and brother-in-law. We headed towards a waterfall, somewhere to give us beauty during these difficult times.
I’d been before, so naturally I was the ‘leader’ who decided which path we went down. Unfortunately, my skills a navigating were less than exciting, and we ended up going down the wrong path.

Instead of heading down the 40meters to the viewing platform, we trekked down a 2km hike through forest, rivers, fallen trees and so many bugs I don’t even want to think about it.
Once we’d gotten to the end of the track, we realised – we had missed the waterfall, and instead gone to the bottom of the road.

Thus, the true hike began! We had to head up this VERY STEEP gravel road, back to the carpark, and back to the falls. Even though Google Maps said it would be a 7minute walk, with the slow pace we were moving, it took us well over double that to get there (but i’m getting a little ahead of myself).

First, I want to share just how amazingly impressed I was with my sister! She has asthma, but she trudged up that hill anyway (stopping for breathing breaks), and my brother-in-law was so great about stopping and waiting with her (and sometimes me) to make sure she wasn’t alone!

Okay, now that i’ve covered that part, I want to shift back to the main reason for this post. I am TERRIBLY Unfit – just putting that out there.
When I heard we had to get up this huge incline, I was less than thrilled. As my sister and brother-in-law continued up the hill, I dawdled behind them and tried my best to continue with the journey.

At one point, I was walking alone, a bit behind them, and I reached a difficult moment. One where I didn’t think I could keep going up this road. I was going to sit and wait for them to bring the car back down to me – I was going to give up.
I hated the idea that I was giving up, but my body screamed at me that it was the only option. Then, I had a small idea. A teeny tiny voice that decided I needed music to help move my steps forward.

Okay, okay
I thought to myself. So, I pulled out my phone between deep and over exaggerated breaths, and I put a playlist on which I knew would make me feel better – I put on a Praise Playlist.
If you don’t already know, I am a Christian, and I do believe in God. So when I was going through this tough spot (as silly and insignificant as it seemed), I knew that ‘Praising’ while I was struggling, was something which could pull me out of my pain, my exhaustion and my defeatist attitude.

As I walked up the hill, I found myself ignoring the puffing of my breathing, and instead SINGING ALONG! I found my steps were lighter, my heart was higher and my attitude had shifted. It was no longer ‘I can’t do this. I give up. They’ll come and get me’ It was now, ‘I can absolutely make it. I’m almost there. I’ve got this!’
When I reached the top, I felt light, free and happy.

This experience for me, was something i’ve talked about, heard about and advised so many people, but it was incredible to experience.
To keep pushing through what your body tells you, what the world is telling you, and what you’re telling yourself is impossible, and to make it to the other side, was so empowering!
Right now especially, we all need something to hope for; something to give us STRENGTH when the rest of the world, and when we ourselves, can only see the weakness.

What’s something you find gives you a boost when you can only see the negative?
I would LOVE to walk through a tough time with you (although we may need to stand 1.5meters apart), so share the ways that help YOU get through YOUR Mountain.

See You in The Adventures

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