Real Super Spy Covers

Real super spies can’t talk about what they REALLY do – only certain people get to know. So how would they introduce themselves and what they do?

“Princess Consuela Banana-Hammock, Nice to meet you!”

Okay, maybe that name would be a little too unusual to pass for a cover name….
But, some of the fake names in HCC did get me thinking about what MY fake name would be if I was ever on the run, or a spy…. or maybe the name I could give to the coffee people instead of my own (which I always forget to do when i’m actually up there!).

If you’re a spy (like Hannah Carmichael), you don’t get to tell a lot of people what you REALLY do, and who you REALLY are, so what’s to say you haven’t already met a real spy? What do you think they would have told you they did for a living?

Maxwell Smart from the Get Smart television series in the 1960s (NOT the remake with Steve Carell and Anne Hathaway – although it did have it’s very own special place, just not in comparison with the original series in my humble opinion) told people that he was in the Greeting Card business…

In the HCC Flashback instalment, ‘Back to Reality’ Hannah and Zeke’s covers were Travel Agent, and Travel Writer (respectively), but Hannah didn’t realise Zeke knew what she REALLY did, and that he wasn’t a Travel Writer, like she wasn’t an Agent.
A link to that instalment will be at the bottom of this post.

If YOU were a secret agent (and you were allowed to pick your cover story/job), what would you say that you do for a living to people? Would it be a ‘Travel SomethingorOther‘ to explain your frequent trips? What about being self-employed, or working for the ‘government’ in an administration capacity?
I don’t know the standard story (as I am NOT a spy myself), but I’d like to think I could tell people that I was a travel writer – I’m already halfway there anyways!

Share YOUR story in the comments, and Like and Share this post with someone who has a COOL job anyway!

To check out Hannah and Zeke’s Flashback instalment, see the link below – enjoy!

See You in the Adventures!


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