SuperMan or SuperDork

“It’s a Bird, it’s a Plane, it’s SUPERDORK!!”

Most people associate glasses with dorks. Four eyes, nerds, blindness.. whatever else.

When Zeke Anderson (Hannah Carmichael Chronicles – link below) decided to go undercover, his first instinct was to die his hair and pop on the glasses. Hey, it worked for Clark Kent/Superman, right??

I always thought that concepts was RIDICULOUS!! Who wouldn’t recognise someone just because they were wearing glasses, and had a bit of a mild personality… I’m not sure about strangers (because I suppose they wouldn’t know who you were either way), but someone who knows you really well (like Lois Lane, or Editor White) would KNOW one thousand percent that it was you! I mean, come on – aren’t these people supposed to be smart?

So, it shouldn’t really be surprised that Hannah recognised her own husband behind the new glasses he was sporting, right?

Do you think you could get away with putting on some glasses and a new personality? Would anyone truly recognise you? And what would you do if they didn’t? Would you want to mess with them?

Let me know in the Comments or on the CGSP Facebook Page.

Check out when Zeke Anderson decided to throw on the specs at the link below:

See You in the Adventures!


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