FREE Hannah Carmichael – Updated. Edited. Re-Designed.

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As we approach the 70th instalment (!!!) of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles, I have a SPECIAL gift for you all!

I am so glad to those who have read, and liked the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles so far, but being up to instalment 66, it may be hard for some to scroll back to the beginning to catch up….

Soooo, I am in the process of making something amazing, and it’s going to be free!!

Hannah Carmichael will be Updated, Edited and Re-Designed in ONE easy to read e-book – just for you!!!

And yes, the first 30 instalments will be FREE, so you can enjoy HCC from the beginning.

I can’t wait for the full 70 instalment ‘PART ONE’ epic to be released also, but that may take a little longer to finish.

While i’m busy editing, and making sure this e-book is beautiful, I hope you continue to enjoy the last few instalments of PART ONE, because when I start working on PART TWO, things are going to get even more exciting, complex, and mysterious 😀

Keep an eye out for the release announcement, and in the meantime:

See You in the Adventures

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