I Couldn’t Be a Firefighter

Recently in Victoria Australia, we’ve had bush fires ravage our state, and country.

It has been devastating, and there is little we can do to help, except support the local businesses, those who lost their homes and the animals whose homes were also destroyed.

The bright spot in all this tragedy, is the brave, selfless and incredible work of all the firefighters who risked it all to bring the devastation to an end.

Recently, I posted a #FuriousFiction short story called ‘SIRENS’ which highlighted another type of job that the AMAZING Emergency Services handles – car accidents.

A few years ago, I had a pretty big car accident. As I look back, I wanted to be able to remember the people around me more clearly, but it isn’t like those victims who fall in love with their firemen rescuers for everyone – I actually barely remember that.

I do recall a woman (couldn’t tell you what she looked like) as I handed her my phone to call my Mother, and people scaring the crap out of me as I heard them say the car may be on fire (it wasn’t). I recall the blinding pain in my chest (I later learned I had a pneumothorax and horrific bruising – most likely from the airbags which saved my life) and I recall saying over, and over again that I had just paid off the car!

The firefighters helped me out of my car – the door on the driver’s side was jammed – but I don’t remember them at all! The story I wrote (link at the end of this post) showed firefighters at an accident scene, with a woman just as foggy as I was. I am so grateful for ALL emergency services! The people who risk their own safety, and help to save strangers they don’t know is a phenomenal idea – but do they really get the recognition they deserve on the daily?

Yes, we see them in the emergencies – the bushfires, the shootings, the accidents we (or our loved ones) are a part of, or the medical emergencies of ourselves or our family/friends; but when we go about our daily lives, do we REALLY remember the hard work they do??

I want to ALWAYS remember, and ALWAYS promote these every day HEROES!

What is the BEST thing you have ever seen/heard of event by firefighters, paramedics, or police? I want to know – let’s share the love!

To check out the Furious Fiction story – head to this link:

As always – I’ll See you in the Adventures!

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