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First Woman Spy/Writer: Aphra Behn

I was doing research on spies, women and general bad-assery and came across an interesting story.

It was something I didn’t expect, but was SUPER excited to find out was true. One of the first woman spies, also turned out to be a writer… Whaaaat??

In the 1600’s, women were still in the ‘lesser than’ category of society (you know, the seen and not heard crap which doesn’t fly today) – they were underestimated and thus, made great spies!

An English woman named Aphra Behn, was apparently one of the first women spies, who was underestimated at every turned, used for her skills, then thrown into prison. She had done all she could to help her country, but when they ignored the warnings they sent her to find, and lost dearly, she was thrown into debtors prison and all seemed lost.

Penniless, alone, already 30 years old, no way to support herself… what was she going to do?

Reinvent herself of course! Aphra had read, and written throughout her life – it was her passion. So, what else do you do when you’ve reached the end of your options? Turn to your passion and try to make it a reality!

Aphra, despite only men traditionally being able to support themselves as a writer, did what she wanted to do – she became a writer!

I loved this story – and not only because i’m a writer and creator of super spy characters. Aphra was the original badass, female power, we can be anything, do what you love, don’t be underestimated, heroine we write about today!

She pushed through the barriers, did what she set out to do, and didn’t let her haters pull her down. Aphra Behn is an inspiration – not because she was a spy, then a writer and all around amazing woman, but because she followed her dreams regardless of her circumstances and succeeded!

So, what are your dreams, passions and desires? Are you chasing after them? After a few years of sitting still, i’m chasing after mine – so will you? Just like Aphra Behn?

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