Lady Eloise (Furious Fiction)


Murder, Inspectors, and Birthdays – June 2019 Furious Fiction – Enjoy!



I held my breath, as the blood stained her white blouse.
The air was thick with tension.
We were all suspects, and no guest could leave the house until the Inspector had investigated. He held a magnifying glass to the woman’s forehead then raised his hand into the air.
“Aha!” He exclaimed loudly, causing us all to jump.
“The killer is in this very room,” the Inspector said, spinning and knocking over a lamp. He reached down to catch it, just before it hit the floor. I giggled and he scowled at me. I tried to appear invisible as he readjusted his floppy hat.
“I object to this accusation in my own home!” Lady Eloise said, crossing her arms and huffing. The Inspector pulled out a smoking pipe.
“I don’t care, there’s been a murder and we have to catch the killer.”

The victim opened her left eye and cleared her throat, “Adam honey, is this going to take long? I have to pull the pies out of the oven.”
The inspector frowned, his voice instantly turning into a whine, “Mother, you’re ruining my murder mystery party. Please lie there and be quiet.”
The victim rolled her eyes, then closed them and sighed.
Inspector Adam stood taller, “As I was saying, I have discovered who the murderer is. It all came down to something small, something simple.” Adam reached into his pocket and pulled his hand up high.
“A button!” He yelled, startling everyone again. I exhaled and shook my head, “Whose button?” I asked.
Adam frowned and narrowed his eyes, “I’m getting there Susan, relax.”

I crossed my arms and leaned against the wall. We had been through all the clues twice, and this was Adam’s third guess as to who the murderer was. Everyone else had already worked out that the killer was Lady Eloise, but Adam seemed oblivious to the clues.
Clearing his throat, he extended his hand, the button in his hand.
“This button, could only have come from one person, and it was lodged in the victims’ hair.” He turned and pointed at Lord Pemberton, “You, Lord Pemberton, are the killer.”
The whole room groaned and Lady Eloise stood up, “It was me Inspector. I’m the killer. Can we eat dinner now?”
Adam frowned, then smiled, “You fell for my trap! I knew it was you all the time Eloise, now you have confessed in front of all these witnesses. Take her away Chief,” Adam threw the button onto the ground and everyone mumbled as we made our way towards the dining room.

“Susan,” Adam said quietly. I turned and raised an eyebrow.
“Do you think people knew that I hadn’t worked it out yet?” He asked, his head dropping as his eyes locked onto the floor.
I smiled and shook my head, “No, they knew you’d worked it out.”
Adam looked up and smiled, “Good.”
I giggled and followed him into the dining room, where his birthday cake awaited.


-Thanks for reading this Furious Fiction from May 2019 by Christy Grace
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