Meet Me – Christy Grace

Hi ya’ll

I am me, that’s all I will ever be.

Have you been wanting a peek behind the curtain? Well, here it is!

My name is Christy and I am a writer, photographer, singer, songwriter, and inspiration chaser!

If that sound bite wasn’t enough, then hold on to your hat and keep reading.

I have lived and loved in three countries: New Zealand (yup, I’m a kiwi at heart), Kuching (Malaysia – where kindergarten tried to say ‘see ya later’ by giving me a book full of homework I didn’t do), and Australia where I spent most of my life.

Been writing since I was young – stories, songs, poems and scripts – everythang 😛

My socks (in case you hadn’t noticed) tend to sport interesting and qwirky objects – like Avocados – love them or leave them, that’s what they are.

Do you think I look cosy? I should, that’s how the photoshoot I set up today was supposed to look for the client (just with her in the chair, not me).

(It went well by the way, she walked away with some amazing shots, if I do say so myself!)

Top 3 loves right now:

My typewriter, God and my customised CGSP pens which I just got!

I have some exciting things brewing, so keep an eye out here and on the CGSP Facebook page.

Excited, Qwirky And Confident

Christy Grace

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