The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles

Your Briefing:

Hannah Carmichael is a Super Spy, who is trying to take down the evil spy agency CGT, which she used to be a part of. Her husband Zeke, was secretly working to take them down as well, and roped her and her friend Stephanie into the fight.
Hannah’s mother Evelyn was a known terrorist and CGT enemy, but now seems to have been on the same side all along. Her Father James, was believed to be dead and missing for over a decade, but has now shown up to help in the fight, where he has been hiding in the shadows to also take down CGT.
It seemed as though everyone in Hannah’s life knew about CGT’s true motives but her. So how will she navigate her new status, new team members and new family dynamics?
With CGT linked to a World War event called ‘Cataclysm’ – What will she and her team find out, and how will they stop it?



Hannah kicked Stephanie and she snorted awake.
Raising her finger onto her lips, Hannah watched as Stephanie frowned then looked at the light around the door frame. Behind the door, Baxter was updating someone at CGT and Hannah’s weapon was already drawn.
Stephanie pulled her gun out and Hannah took a breath, before reaching for the doorknob and pushing the door open. The women yelled warnings as they entered the room, and he turned to them, scowling.
Baxter continued to yell into the radio, “I’ve been compromised! Close down-“
Stephanie sent a warning shot flying above Baxter’s head and he ducked before dropping the radio and lunging towards the open door. Hannah jumped in front of him and swung her gun at his head and Baxter raised his hand to block her swing. He pushed his fist into Hannah’s stomach and she grunted, gasping for breath at the sudden blow.
As Hannah stumbled backwards, Stephanie jumped onto Baxter’s back and wrapped her arm around his neck. He struggled for a minute, then stopped and dropped down to his knees. Hannah stood upright and took staggered breaths, glancing around for the radio Baxter had stolen. She picked it up and watched the red light continuing to blink, indicating the line was still open.
She took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly, “Who is this? Identify yourself!” Hannah demanded into the radio. People were starting to appear outside the door of Baxter’s room, but Hannah didn’t turn around.
“Hannah, it is nice to hear your voice,” Anthony said from the other side of the radio. Hannah swallowed her now dry throat and cleared her throat.
“I should have guessed it was you Anthony. Once a boss, always a boss. Only now, you’re Baxter boss, not mine.”
Anthony’s laugh came through the radio and Hannah exhaled, her stomach still throbbing.
“You should give up Hannah; you and your new group. It‘ll be easier on all of you. CGT can give you a quick death,” Anthony muffled the radio and he barked orders behind the covered radio.
“Have you asked your boss about that decision? What if the higher ups want my team alive?” Hannah asked, holding her breath as she waited for his reply.
“Oh Hannah, I’m afraid now that you know too much, the powers that be, would be very disappointed to know insignificant irritations like you, were still around to cause trouble. CGT is a very lucrative organisation, and that isn’t an option.”
“What powers are those Tony? Governments? Prime Ministers? Presidents? Who?”
Anthony laughed and Hannah spun as Stephanie yelled out behind her. Her friend was on the ground, gripping her left leg as Baxter moved away from them and through the open door.
“Go!” Stephanie yelled to Hannah, her face scrunched in pain. Hannah dropped the radio and raised her gun, running through the door. The hallway was empty, but Hannah heard sirens starting to sound throughout The Palace.
A shot echoed in the building and Hannah spun to where Baxter now stood, motionless. His body suddenly dropped to his knees, then to the ground, and Hannah stared in front of her at Zeke. His gun was still raised, a dark scowl consumed his face.


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back Next Week for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!
Christy Grace

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