Hot Chocolate, 1am and Creative Philosophy

Hello CGSP Readers!

I don’t know if it’s the Hot Chocolate with Whipped Cream and Marshmallows that I drank at 11.45pm, but I can’t sleep and it is now 1.11am! (By the way, the photo below is a REAL LOOK at the sugar and calories that I exposed myself to….) but anyway….


As I lay there, knowing sleep was Not an option for me at the moment, I decided to instead, get up and do another Late Night Creative Philosophy session with you all!

So, If you remember the last post, I was talking about the frailty of ideas, and whether or not it is possible to have an actual, original idea these days (everything is pretty much recycled from ideas in the past anyway, right? – Check out the post ‘Creative Philosophy at 11.30pm’ to see what that was all about).

Tonight, I want to take a more positive look at creativity and ask this question……

What is Your Inspiration?

That question sort of links into the last Philosophy question (in a vague and somewhat unassuming way)……

Personally, I think that Inspiration can come from almost anywhere… Your parents, your friends, the people you look up to, that teacher from High School who believed in your dreams, that Lady Bug you saw yesterday afternoon while you were sitting in the grass and staring at the clouds…


Aaaannnnyyyway…  The reason I decided upon this particular question (apart from the not being able to sleep conundrum), was because I found a strange source for inspiration of my own a few days ago.

Have you ever been driving along and all of a sudden, you pass something on the road that grabs your attention, and you can’t help but stare at it, slam on your breaks, and hold your breath as you thank God that you didn’t crash into the very expensive BMW or Lamborghini in front of you… No? Just me? Ok then, moving on!

I was (as you may have already guessed) driving a few days ago, and I saw a random playground on the side of the road. I know, it seems silly right? Wrong!
As soon as I saw this playground (apart from the swerving and screeching on the breaks – I am a good driver, I swear!), I instantly had an amazing; so cool; never before seen idea, for a new song and video to boot!

I quickly jotted down the idea (because looking at phones while driving is Dangerous!) and tried to guess where my car was located at that exact moment to come back again (I failed by the way).

Ok, so the idea may not be as exciting as a Lady Bug, on the grass, in the sunshine, but I was excited. Here comes the philosophical part of my question though…  As quickly as the idea had entered my brain, the enthusiasm for the song, the video, the process of getting the camera, the crew, the lyrics, the recording, blah, blah, blah….  It all sort of, disappeared by the time I got home.


I still think it would be a cool song (dont get me wrong) but the initial inspiration and excitement for the project had kind of depleted. So, I wanted to put out a thought into the vast and every expanding thing we call the internet – How long does inspiration last? 

If you find something that inspires you, a person, pick up truck, or a playground (whatever floats your boat), does it stay with you? Is it possible that I am the only person who is so easily distracted by…. oooohhhh something shiny…. hang on……..

Sorry, i’m back. I just watched the Shiny video from Moana, but anyway…

Do you think it’s possible that the inspiration we get every day, to create something amazing, to do dishes out of the blue, to speak to a friend and comfort someone in a time of need, or to give money to that person on the street (even though you’re pretty sure they aren’t going to spend it on food or clothing), is that inspiration fleeting?

I would prefer to think that True Inspiration (whatever that is for you), remains with you, and continues to provide you with the drive and desire to create, or make the world a better place.

What are your inspirations? Do they stay with you?

Let me know – Comment and do all of the subscribing stuff (while also checking out my Crime Fiction in the ‘ADVENTURES’ tab).

Christy Grace






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