HCC: War on a Global Scale

War… Huh? What is it good for?

For CGT, they are looking out for profits. Starting another World War is something they want, because it keeps them in business.

So what is Cataclysm? Is it another World War plot like Evelyn Carmichael has predicted? Are the rumours she heard of true?

If it is another War, how could Hannah and her limited team stop it, when CGT is apparently bigger than they had thought?

While Hannah and her team figure out the answers to all of these questions, post your theories onto the ChristyGraceScarlettPen Facebook Page and let us know if YOU think Cataclysm is a World War, or something else?

Hannah and her Team will be back Tuesday 23 July, but will they be able to stop whatever Cataclysm is?

Hannah Carmichael Chronicles ONLY on ChristyGraceScarlettPen – Hannah and I look forward to seeing you then!

Christy Grace


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