The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles


Your Briefing:

Hannah Carmichael: Super Spy, trying to take down the evil spy agency CGT which she used to be a part of. Status: Currently hidden in The Palace – headquarters where her long lost Father is setting up his assault on CGT.
Zeke Anderson: Former Spy working to destroy CGT. Hannah’s husband and ally. Status: Believed to be dead, at Hannah’s hand. Currently hidden in The Palace with Hannah, her father James and Stephanie.
Stephanie Winchester: Former CGT spy, Hannah’s best friend and fellow undercover agent. Status: Currently hidden in The Palace with Hannah, her father James, and Zeke.
James Carmichael: Hannah’s Father and secret freelance agent trying to destroy CGT. Status: Recently discovered to be alive, after disappearing over a decade ago. Currently hidden in The Palace, deciding the next steps to take down CGT.
Evelyn Carmichael: Hannah’s Mother and a known terrorist in the Country and around the Globe. Status: Currently being held at The Palace for questioning after arriving and claiming to be on the same side as Hannah and her Father. Having lost her way, Evelyn’s goal still remains the same – to take down CGT which goes higher into the government and overseas than anyone realises.

Discussing whether they can trust Evelyn Carmichael, the teams of Hannah and her Father – James need to come to a decision. Believe Evelyn and stop CGT with her help, or not. Hannah has shared her possession of the CGT ACCOUNTS file, will this hold the key to taking down CGT?



The room was buzzing as all members of the team discussed their options.
“We can’t trust anything Evelyn says. Look at her track record, what happens when we trust her and she double crosses all of us?” A tall woman with dark hair leaned against the control desk. Sarah, the woman in charge of weapons was scowling as the team continued to yell over each other. They had been at this for over an hour and the room was still split.
“Whether we trust her or not, the information she’s giving us, is that CGT runs deeper than any of us knew. We need to check out her information to see if it’s reliable.” Stephanie said, nodding to their tech guy Roy, who was scanning through the Accounts file on the screen.
“This lead for CGT ACCOUNTS may give us some more information, but Evelyn knows other things that could be useful.”
The room continued to argue until James whistled loudly, silencing all debates.
“I believe what Evelyn is saying about CGT is correct. Regardless, after her time inside CGT she can be a valuable asset and source of information. Sarah,” he nodded towards Sarah and she stood straighter, her arms folded across her chest.
“Grab one of the ankle monitors and strap it to Evelyn. We aren’t giving her complete trust, but we should show some leniency.”
Sarah frowned then nodded, moving towards their weapons cache. James turned and looked at Roy, “How is the search through the files going?” He asked.
Roy looked up, “Slow. There are consistent deposits and withdrawals however with the same description in the transaction data.”
Evelyn and Sarah walked into the room and James gave a slight nod to Sarah, who remained close to his ex-wife.
Roy typed into the keyboard then pulled up the electronic scan of a document onto the screen. “The description is only one word; Cataclysm.”
“That sounds foreboding,” Stephanie said quietly as she stood next to Hannah. Evelyn groaned loudly and Hannah turned to see her mother’s frown.
“There were rumours for something called Cataclysm inside the CGT closed doors meetings.” Evelyn shifted her weight and shook her head slightly, “I was hoping they were just rumours.”
James folded his arms across his chest, “What rumours?” He asked.
“There were whispers of something big, something really big. Something that will let the money flow for decades.” Evelyn stopped and stared at Hannah, her eyes dead.
“World War three.”


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back Tomorrow for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!
Christy Grace


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