HCC: How Long A Traitor? + SNEAK PEEK

Betrayal of the worst kind. Shot by your best friend and fellow spy.

Baxter has joined forces with the evil spy agency CGT, and Zeke Anderson took a bullet meant for Hannah Carmichael. She watched his body fall to the ground, so did he survive? Is Zeke Anderson dead?

Others have died already in this fight, mainly Ian Longford, Hannah’s friend and ex-boyfriend. Will another person she cares for be claimed by this fight?

How long as Baxter been a double agent?

Hannah and Stephanie still have the CGT ACCOUNTS file, does this contain important information to take down CGT for good?

Find out TOMORROW when Hannah and the Team return with JUST SHOOT ME (HCC 51), and we find out answers to your burning questions as the adventure continues.

Meanwhile, as promised – the Special Sneak Peek!

Zeke lay motionless on the ground, and Hannah felt herself frozen in place. Baxter turned to her, a twisted smile on his face. As he fired a shot at her, Hannah didn’t move, her eyes shifting to Zeke. A shadow covered her view as Stephanie lunged in front of Hannah.

Hannah Carmichael Chronicles ONLY on ChristyGraceScarlettPen – Hannah and I look forward to seeing you then!

Christy Grace

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