The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles


Your Briefing:

Hannah Carmichael: Former Spy with the CGT agency. Status: Believed to be dead by CGT and worldwide.
Zeke Anderson: Former Spy with the real Government. Working with Hannah to take down CGT. Status: Believed to be dead by CGT and worldwide. Currently UNDERCOVER inside a CGT newspaper.
Stephanie Winchester: Former spy and Hannah’s best friend. Status: Believed to be dead by CGT and worldwide.
Baxter: Zeke’s partner. Status: Current spy with the real Government – working with Hannah to take down CGT.
Perfect opportunity to go undercover, but with no official backup, will things work out, or will they just get more complicated?



Hannah lifted her hand, playing with a strand of her now copper coloured hair and sighed. She missed her long, brown hair.
Stephanie looked up from her book and frowned, “I thought you were used to your new hair? What’s the matter?” she asked. Stephanie’s once auburn hair, was now Jet Black and the fake tattoos on her arms and chest matched her new facial piercings.
“I’m used to my hair,” Hannah said, smiling. “I’m not quite so sure about your look just yet though.”
“Hey now!” Stephanie said, standing up and tossing her book onto the chair. “I think this look is working.” She turned then put a hand on her hip, her fishnet stockings already showing a slit up the left leg.
Hannah chuckled and nodded, “It does. I’m just messing with you.” She sighed and sat down on the couch. “I’m going stir crazy in here.”
Stephanie flopped back onto her chair, throwing her feet onto the coffee table. “Yeah, but there are some advantages to the world thinking you’re dead,” she said, grinning.
Hannah rolled her eyes, “Like what?”
“Well, we don’t have to pay any taxes for one thing.” Stephanie smiled and Hannah shook her head. Before she could reply, a knock on the door rose both women to their feet, guns raised. The knock resumed in a pattern they had established with Zeke and Baxter. They both lowered their weapons and Hannah exhaled, moving to the door. She opened the small observation slot, checking the boys were alone, then pulled the door open.
Zeke smiled as they walked through the door, “You didn’t miss us too much did you?” He asked, kissing her on the cheek.
“I miss seeing the sun,” Hannah said, frowning.
Zeke rolled his eyes and sat on the couch with Baxter.
Hannah folded her arms across her chest, “Just tell me we can get out and do something.” She sat on the dining chair and Baxter nodded.
“I got you and Stephanie jobs with Zeke at the CGT newspaper. From there, you can monitor any communications and see how, and where, they are sending messages.” He stood and handed the women their new identification badges for the paper.
“When you’re there, you can try to hack their server, and see who, if anyone, knows what they’re really working for.”
Hannah stared at the ID picture and frowned. It didn’t look much like her, but that was the point. CGT thought she was dead, and she needed to keep it that way.
“Who knows,” Zeke said, grinning as Hannah looked up at him. “It might be fun to work together for a change.”


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back Next Week for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!

Christy Grace

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