The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles

Your Briefing:
Ian Longford has died. Hannah’s fellow agent, friend and ex-boyfriend was killed while trying to find and protect the USB drive which contained important information regarding a terrorist attack. Hannah’s mother, Evelyn Carmichael, is the one leading the attack, and as Hannah is undercover at her crooked spy agency CGT, she has to try and balance taking down her mother, and the company which is only out for profit. After handing CGT the USB, what will Hannah and Stephanie do, now that they are alone and undercover. What is the building that Evelyn is targeting? With Hannah’s husband Zeke no longer her contact with the real government, how will he fit into all of this? Will Hannah be able to stop Evelyn in time? Can she really take down CGT?


The briefing room was buzzing with the news that Evelyn’s target building was owned by CGT. Hannah and Stephanie watched as agents and made plans to keep their people secure.
“Who exactly is in this CGT building?” Hannah asked finally. Anthony glanced at her and waved his hand.
“It’s more of a storage building with a few low level agents keeping guard.”
Hannah had been an agent long enough to hear the indicators in his voice, that he wasn’t telling her the full truth.
“Prisoners or higher ups then?” Stephanie asked, leaning forward. Anthony frowned and stared at her. When she didn’t budge he sighed.
“Prisoners. And if the occupants of this particular prison got out, let’s just say nobody in this room would be safe.” Anthony rubbed his eyes, “not to mention the country as a whole.” He sat on the chair at the head of the conference table and folded his hands in front of him.
As plans for doubled security, and locating Evelyn were made, Hannah found herself staring out the window. Below them, the city was going about their lives, no idea that their reality could topple over so easily. Hannah used to like the feeling of being their protector, but recently that was fading.
“Hannah?” Stephanie’s voice pulled her from her thoughts and Hannah looked around the now empty room. The briefing was over.
“Sorry,” she said, standing and walking with Stephanie down to their cars.
“Tomorrow we start hunting for Evelyn again, and hope she doesn’t destroy the prison,” Stephanie said, sighing. Hannah stopped at the car, pulling out her keys.
“Are you going to be okay?” Stephanie asked, putting her hand on Hannah’s arm. Hannah turned and forced a smile on her face.
“In time,” she said. Her friend hugged her and Hannah drove home. Home. She hadn’t been home with Zeke since before he went missing. Now with everything she knew, she wasn’t sure how to move forward with him.
As she pulled into the driveway of their townhouse, Hannah turned off the engine and took a deep breath. Zeke opened the front door, carrying a leaf blower outside. When he spotted her, he smiled and put the machine down, walking to her car.
Hannah opened her door and Zeke stopped walking, “I was going to get that for you.” He said, putting his hands in his jeans pockets.
Hannah shrugged, “I had it.” She stopped as she reached him and smiled. He returned the smile and she patted his shoulder, moving inside.
“I know a lot’s gone down the last few weeks.” Zeke said, closing the door behind them. Hannah turned, dropping her bag on the ground. “But for the important things, I never lied to you.”
Hannah took a deep breath and took a step closer to her husband. “I know.” She looked around the living room. Their photos seemed a lifetime ago, travelling to fun, adventurous places and family dinners with Zeke’s parents. Zeke moved closer and followed her gaze. She had landed on the picture they had taken on their honeymoon.
“I didn’t think we, of all people, would get here.” She said, looking up at him, her eyes misting. Zeke pulled her into a hug and she relaxed into his embrace. She had missed him.
“We can find out way back.” Zeke said. She looked into his eyes and smiled.

Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back on Thursday for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!
Christy Grace

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