The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles


Your Briefing:

Hannah Carmichael is facing the barrel of a gun! Moroz, the mysterious Russian agent of CGT who was presumed dead is after what everyone is after – the USB drive containing important information regarding a possible terrorist attack. Even though he says he wants to take down CGT, he is still pointing a gun at Hannah, Stephanie, Ian and Zeke – Hannah’s husband. Why does Moroz want to destroy the crooked spy agency CGT? Does Hannah have something to do with it? Will Moroz get the USB drive, and will everyone get out of this alive?



 Hannah watched Moroz carefully, gun still aimed in their direction.
“Then we’re on the same side” She said and he frowned.
“We will never be on the same side!” He yelled, taking another step towards her.
“You killed my Father.” He said, his voice suddenly calm. Hannah frowned and shook her head.
“What?” She asked, trying to place the family resemblance. Moroz waved his gun towards Stephanie and Hannah glanced at Zeke as she still slowly grew closer to his blind spot.
“You and her, you were on a mission in Russia. Don’t you remember?”
Hannah tried to go back in her memory. She’d been to Russia a lot in her first few years at CGT.
“It was almost Christmas. My Father had been wrongly accused of selling secrets.” Moroz talked with a cool detachment in his voice and Hannah’s eyes slowly widened. She looked over to Stephanie, the same realisation on her own face.
That was Hannah and Stephanie’s first mission without any supervisory support on the ground. The orders had been on the spot, with Stephanie taking the shot and giving Hannah the credit.
Moroz smiled as he watched them remember. “You didn’t notice the son of your target kneeling by his Father as he died?” He asked, his tone sending a shiver down Hannah’s back.
“Well, you will now.” He said, cocking his gun.
“Give me the drive. I won’t promise you’ll get a quick death, because I don’t want you to have one.” His eyes were dark and Hannah took a shaky breath.
“CGT gave those orders,” she said softly as Zeke moved closer to Moroz. He seemed oblivious, his eyes locked onto Hannah’s.
“We both want to take CGT down. Let us do it the right way.” She watched Moroz laugh just as Zeke lunged forward. Hannah ducked down and saw Stephanie and Ian reaching for Moroz’s gun. Hannah took a breath as her training kicked in. She needed the drive.
Bending onto her knees, Hannah crawled to the next post. Behind her she heard the sounds of wrestling. Not daring to look back, Hannah bent down towards the water and reached under the post. She felt the tape on the waterproof bag and smiled. Pulling at the tape she ripped the bag with the drive out from under the dock.
As she pushed herself up, the sound of a gunshot echoed on the water. Hannah spun, her heart stopping and face going white.


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! With a heck of a cliff hanger – what will happen next? Hannah will be back in a few weeks for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there! Christy Grace


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