The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles

Your Briefing:
Undercover agent Hannah, and her former handler and husband, Zeke have a small window to rescue Stephanie and Ian, agents of the crooked CGT spy agency, and Hannah’s friends. Her mother, Evelyn Carmichael had captured the four to locate a USB drive which Hannah had in her possession. When Hannah agreed to take her to the drive, she double crossed her mother and Evelyn escaped. Now headed back to rescue Steph and Ian, Hannah and Zeke are running out of time to find their friends alive, and stop Evelyn’s terrorist attack which is imminent on a CGT building. What will they find when they head back to rescue Stephanie and Ian? Will they be able to save their friends before it’s too late, and stop Evelyn? 



Hannah paused as they walked through another similar looking hallway. When they’d been led out of Evelyn’s warehouse earlier, she had tried to take note of the layout.
As they rounded another corner, Hannah came to a halt and tried to steady herself and the gun in her hands. She smiled as she saw Stephanie, also trying not to topple over.
“Hannah!” Stephanie said in a loud whisper. She glanced around and swallowed Hannah in a hug.
“Not that I want to crash the party or anything,” Zeke said behind Hannah. She pulled away from Steph and turned.
“But we should really take this somewhere else.” He nodded to Ian and turned, starting back the way they came. Hannah passed Stephanie a spare weapon and Ian frowned,
“What about me?” He asked, his voice low. Hannah shrugged,
“No more.” She said, moving swiftly through the hallways towards the warehouse exit.
“What is it with Evelyn and warehouses?” Stephanie asked. Hannah tried not to laugh.
“How did you get out?” She asked instead. Zeke held out his arm and Hannah stopped as he checked around the next corner. She turned and Stephanie grinned.
“We were being moved and saw an opening. The guards are unconscious in a closet somewhere.” She smiled and Hannah looked back at Zeke as he signalled that the way was clear. They were almost at the door when the deafening buildings alarms echoed through the hallways. All the doors and windows started to release bars and secure locks.
The four agents raced towards the door. As they made their way to the door with bars slowly descending, bullets hit the walls in front of them. Hannah stopped running and spun, shooting back at the guards. As they ducked for cover, Hannah heard Zeke yelling her name. She glanced back and saw Stephanie and Ian ducking under the back door.
After a few more shots, Hannah turned and ran towards the door. With the bars halfway down, she slid underneath and waited as Zeke followed.
Outside, shouts were getting louder and cars approached.
“This way!” Zeke yelled, leading them to where he had their car stashed. They boarded the car as Zeke threw it into gear. Sounds of gunshots and cars behind them slowly disappeared as Zeke moved down alleys and side streets. When they were satisfied they had lost the guards, Zeke glanced at Stephanie and Ian in the backseat.
“Why can’t we ever just hang out like normal people?” He asked, a smile appearing.
Hannah smiled, “After this, wouldn’t sitting at home on the couch watching movies seem boring?” She asked. Zeke shot her a mischievous glance, eyes twinkling. She rolled her shoulders and looked out the window, suddenly uncomfortable. He sighed and Stephanie moved forward in her chair.
“So what now?” She asked, “Where’s the drive?”
Hannah smiled, “Somewhere Evelyn would never look.”


Author’s Note:

Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back in TWO Thursdays time for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there!
Christy Grace

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