Hannah Carmichael Chronicles TWENTY-TWO

Your Briefing:
Hannah, Stephanie and Ian (agents of CGT spy agency) are trapped, but nobody knows. Zeke Anderson, Hannah’s husband, Is a government agent who is trying to take down CGT who are really just out for profit and chaos, not the safety of the country. While undercover inside CGT, Hannah was also chasing her mother, Evelyn Carmichael, a known traitor who was planning a terrorist attack. When Hannah missed her check in, Zeke got worried and against his Boss’ orders, has gone with his partner and friend, Baxter, to look for Hannah at her last known location, Evelyn’s safe house. What will he find when he gets there? Will Hannah still be alive? Will Zeke be able to find her in the underground bunker?



Zeke moved swiftly into the small barn, his gun raised. A quick sweep with Baxter cleared the room and they holstered their weapons.
“No one’s here.” Baxter said, putting a hand on Zeke’s shoulder. Zeke shook his head.
“They have to be here. Look for some sort of secret opening.” Zeke rolled his eyes, “Evelyn is classically cliche.”
As they searched, Zeke heard Baxter clearing his throat.
“Anderson, you may want to see this.” He said, his voice low. Zeke turned and moved to where Baxter was standing behind a bale of hay and looking down. Zeke took a deep breath and moved behind the hay bale. Exhaling, Zeke rolled his eyes.
“You scared the hell out of me!” He said, hitting Baxter’s arm and crouching down. A large pool of blood was drying on the ground.
“It’s not her body, but it could be-“
“It’s not.” Zeke cut Baxter’s thought off and stood straighter. “Hannah is still alive.” He turned and glanced around the room for signs of a passageway.
“I’ll collect samples to test for DNA.” Baxter said, reaching into his bag and pulling out evidence collection bags. Zeke took a breath and stood in the middle of the room. He was sure there would be a room somewhere, but it had to be underground.
They could tunnel under if they had the right equipment, but they may risk a cave in down below if they got the wrong spot. Baxter was tapping his foot and broke Zeke’s train of thought. He spun,
“Can you be any louder with that?” He asked nodding towards Baxter’s foot. He looked up and frowned,
“What? I’m not making any noise at all.”
Zeke sighed and pointed to Baxter’s foot. “I heard you tapping your foot. It’s breaking my concentration.”
Baxter rolled his eyes, “I’m not tapping my foot. You’re losing it man.” He went back to zipping up his bag of DNA evidence and Zeke took a step closer. The tapping sound came again and both men paused.
“Ok, I heard it that time.” Baxter said, standing and moving to join Zeke. They stood for a few minutes and waited for the tapping again.
“It’s coming from below us.” Zeke said, smiling. “Call for backup. She’s here.”


Author’s Note:
Thanks for reading this week’s instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back next Thursday for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there! Christy Grace

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