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Hannah, Stephanie and Ian are agents of CGT – a spy agency who Hannah and Stephanie have just discovered are not working for good, but profit and chaos. Now undercover, Hannah is secretly working with her husband, Zeke who she just discovered is working for the real government to take them down. While undercover, Hannah also has to stop her mother, Evelyn, who is planning a large terrorist attack. While tracking her down, Hannah, Ian and Stephanie got locked in an underground bunker, possibly forever! A new agent, Moroz, told Evelyn he had the drive with plans for her attack and was taken to the surface, followed by gunshots. What happened above them? Are they trapped forever? Who, if anyone, can save them?



Zeke Anderson tapped his pen on his wife’s file. It had been too long since her last check in. She had missed last night and it had just passed the time for tonight’s check in. Standing, he walked over to Baxter Young’s desk, still fiddling with his pen.
“Hey, you heard from her?” Zeke asked his partner. Baxter looked up from his paperwork and sighed.
“Not since five minutes ago when you asked me last.” He said, rolling his eyes and looking back at his work. Zeke leaned on the side of Baxter’s desk and tapped his foot. Baxter stopped reading and leaned back in his chair.
“It’s only been one day. You know how these things go sometimes. She may be stuck where she can’t call for the moment.”
Zeke stopped twirling the pen and turned to face Baxter.
“That may be worse.” He said, taking a breath.
“It’s just because it’s Hannah.” Baxter said, shrugging. “Any other asset, and you wouldn’t be this worried.”
Zeke started to deny it, but he stopped, knowing it was the truth. When he had been told to recruit Hannah as an undercover operative at CGT, he didn’t realise that he would be assigned as her handler. Baxter snapped his fingers in front of Zeke’s face and he snapped back.
“Boss wants to see you.” Baxter said, pointing towards Oliver Johnston’s office door. Zeke sighed and nodded, getting up and slowly making his way to Oliver’s office. He was going to want an update, but Zeke didn’t have one.
He knocked on the open door and Oliver looked up from his computer, motioning with his head for Zeke to come in. As Zeke sat, Oliver leaned back in his chair and crossed his arms over his chest.
“What’s the latest for the CGT operation?” Oliver asked, raising his eyebrows. Zeke cleared his throat and shifted in his seat.
“Well, they’re hot on the trail of Evelyn Carmichael.” Zeke said, straightening. “It would be beneficial to take Evelyn out of the game. She has an attack prepared and if Hannah can capture Evelyn, then we can-“
“I don’t care about Evelyn Carmichael.” Oliver said, his tone hard. “I care about taking down CGT once and for all.” Oliver stood, towering over Zeke.
“It wasn’t planned that you would end up marrying Hannah Carmichael. Now that she knows the truth about CGT, she’s a loose cannon in there, undercover or not.”
Zeke stood and squared his shoulders.
“Hannah Carmichael is a great agent, regardless of who she’s married to.” He said, setting his jaw. “I’m waiting on a further update but…” Zeke’s voice trailed off and Oliver stepped forward.
“But what?” he asked, tapping his foot.
“She missed her last two check in’s.”
Oliver exhaled sharply and frowned.
“Evelyn is dangerous Sir, and I think we need to consider going in after Hannah.” Zeke’s voice was soft and Oliver shook his head.
“If she’s been compromised, we need to keep the safety of our agents as top priority. We could be walking into a trap.” Oliver moved back to his desk and reached for his phone.
“I’ll give Hannah two more days, then we’re moving on to the next asset.”
Zeke shook his head and moved closer to the desk,
“Sir that’s my wife!” He said, his voice louder than he intended. Oliver looked up and raised his left eyebrow. Zeke moved back slightly and sighed.
“It’s out of the question Anderson. You’ll just have to wait for her to check in.” Oliver pointed to his door and Zeke bowed his head, closing the door behind him. He fell into his desk chair and put his head in his hands.
“Hey partner, what did he say?” Baxter’s voice was low and Zeke groaned.
“He isn’t going to let you go after her is he?”
Zeke looked up and frowned.
“Hey I know you better than you think. I knew that was where your head was at.” Baxter crossed his arms and leaned against Zeke’s desk, glancing at Oliver’s office.
“So are we going or what?” Baxter asked, winking. Zeke started to argue then smiled and nodded.



Author’s Message

Thanks for reading this weeks instalment of the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles! Hannah will be back next Thursday for the next part of her adventure – we both look forward to seeing you there! Christy Grace

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