Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (TWENTY)

Your Briefing:

Hannah Carmichael, Stephanie, Ian and Moroz are agents for CGT – but Hannah is undercover. Stephanie discovered this while Hannah was updating her husband, Zeke, who works for the real government. While chasing down her mother, Evelyn, a known terrorist, Hannah discovered a safe house bunker. Her mother was one step ahead of her and locked all four of them inside. She wants a flash drive containing information she plans to use to carry out a terrorist attack. Will Hannah give her the drive? Can they escape? Find out below!



“No need to shout, Mother Dear.” Hannah said. Stephanie tapped her on the shoulder and she looked over to the wall of weapons, nodding. Stephanie, Ian and Moroz went over to inspect their arsenal and Hannah took a breath.
“What makes
you think I have the drive?” She asked, “CGT headquarters were attacked and I
don’t know where everything scattered to.”
Evelyn laughed and Hannah shivered as a chill ran down her back.
“Oh Hannah,
I have spies everywhere.” Evelyn paused a moment and Hannah held her breath. “I
know you have the drive.” She said, her voice like ice. Hannah felt for the
drive around her neck and held it in her hand.
“What’s on
it Evelyn? Before I hand it over, I should know what I’m giving you.” Hannah glanced
over to Stephanie, quietly delegating options for a defence. Evelyn finally
cleared her throat through the intercom.
“I suppose
it wouldn’t hurt to tell you. Since you’re going to be down there for quite a
rolled her eyes at the pride Evelyn failed to disguise.
“The drive
contain blueprints to an important building which I have decided needs to have
some,” she paused, “work done on it.”
waited for Evelyn to continue but after a few minutes of silence, she took a
step closer to the intercom.
“That’s it?
That doesn’t explain anything. What building? Are you going to destroy it?
Why?” Hannah asked, her voice shaky as the anger escaped.
“Well Dear,
you don’t actually expect me to tell you my whole plan do you? That wouldn’t be
very smart, would it?”
Hannah took a deep breath and started counting in her head.
“Well I
don’t have the drive anymore.” She said, trying to keep her voice even. The
sound of the doors to the bunker screeching open, jolted everyone to attention.
Hannah pulled out her gun from her holster and Stephanie and the boys aimed
their newly acquired weapons at the entry point.
When no one
came down, Stephanie cautiously led the boys in an advance.
“If any of
you are under the delusion that you could come out of those doors and win in a
firefight, I would rethink your strategy.” Evelyn’s voice came through the
intercom and echoed just outside the doors. They paused and Hannah turned back
to the little box.
We’ll just stay here then. We have supplies after all.”
chuckled and a ticking started, filling the room.
you’re in my safe house. Don’t you
think I had a fail safe built in? The whole place is set to blow in two minutes
if you don’t come up and give me the drive.”
inhaled sharply and lowered her shoulders. She’d have to go. Before she could agree,
Moroz moved past her and closer to the box.
“I have the
drive Evelyn. I’ll come and bring it to you.”
reached out for his arm and shook her head violently. He set his jaw and
nodded, handing her his weapon. Leaning in close to her ear he lowered his
voice to a whisper.
it.” He moved towards the doors, hands raised and took the stairs slowly. As he
disappeared from view, the sounds of the doors banging closed echoed down below.
Hannah, Stephanie and Ian ran to the entry.
When Evelyn
found out Moroz didn’t have the drive, she would kill him. Or worse, he would
bluff his way to taking her somewhere else and she would leave them all trapped.
heard the intercom switching off and moved further inside the room. Stephanie
and Ian followed behind her.
“What now?”
Ian asked as they stood, waiting. Hannah shook her head and opened her mouth as
the sound of a machine gun firing above them penetrated the solid steel doors
locking them inside.

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