Hannah Carmichael Chronicles: NINETEEN (HCC)

Your Briefing:

Hannah, a spy undercover at the CGT agency, is chasing her mother, Evelyn Carmichael. Evelyn is a traitor who is planning a terrorist attack that has something to do with a USB drive which Hannah is currently holding onto. While looking in her childhood home, Hannah found co-ordinates to a mysterious safe house. With her fellow agents Stephanie, Ian and Moroz, they headed towards the location armed with a key to unlock the door. While on their way, Hannah gave her husband Zeke (a real agent with the government), an update on their current mission, only to turn and see her friend, Stephanie, pointing a gun at her. Hannah was able to explain and convince Stephanie to join her quest to take CGT down while also trying to stop Evelyn’s plans. Now at the safe house, Hannah and the others are about to discover just what Evelyn had stored at the safe house. What will they find? Will they be able to stop Evelyn? Is there danger behind the door?



The lights flickered above them as Hannah looked inside another box.
“Just more supplies in here.” She said, turning and watching Stephanie nodding at the contents of another box.
“Here too,” Stephanie tried to keep in a sneeze but failed. The sound echoed in the small room and Hannah smiled as Steph shrugged.
“Hey, check this out!” Ian yelled from the main room. Hannah and Stephanie walked into the large space. There were three cots and a small kitchenette on the West Wall and a door to the bathroom at the far corner.
Ian and Moroz were standing in front of what used to be a solid wall. A door had slid across, revealing an impressive cache of weapons for every occasion. Stephanie whistled low,
“Good old Ev sure is prepared.”
Hannah rolled her eyes and looked towards the stairs that led them down.
“How long did she think three people could stay down here?” She asked, spreading her arms wide and turning. “All this space, and enough supplies for six months. What was she planning?” Hannah asked, feeling for the drive around her neck.
Faint voices made the four pause for a moment. Hannah and Stephanie drew their weapons and took silent steps towards the entrance as Ian and Moroz followed behind. They paused, one situated on each side of the stairway and Hannah took a breath. As she glanced back to Ian, the sound of doors above them sliding shut hit with a deafening bang.
Hannah tucked her weapon back in her holster and lunged forward. The stairway was dark as she climbed three steps at a time. Behind her, Ian was cursing and Stephanie was breathing heavily as she followed her.
When Hannah reached where the opening used to be, she reached up to the steel doors. They were clinging together tight and she grunted as she attempted to open them herself. Stephanie attempted to help and Hannah heard the footsteps of Ian and Moroz going back down the stairs.
A moment later the boys came back with a steel bar. After a few minutes of trying to pry the doors open, Hannah dropped the bar and started pounding on the doors.
Stephanie reached out and touched Hannah’s arm, shaking her head.
“Is there another exit in this ridiculous place?” Moroz asked, moving back inside. Hannah stood silently, staring at the doors above her. She strained to hear what was happening through the doors when she heard a crackling sound from behind her. She moved down the stairs to where Stephanie, Ian and Moroz were huddled around a small intercom on the far wall.
“I didn’t see that when we came in.” Hannah joined the three and Stephanie nodded.
“It was behind a box. We only heard it when it started making-“
“Hannah dear?” A familiar voice interrupted Stephanie and Hannah froze.
Hannah moved forward,
“I’m sorry, Hannah is indisposed at the moment. May I take a message?” Hannah kept her voice monotone, listening to the shuffling and muted voices on the other end of the intercom.
“I think we need to have a Mother/Daughter chat.” Evelyn said, her voice void of teasing.
“I was just thinking that myself. And what better way to have a Mother/Daughter chat than through three tons of steel?”
Hannah tried not to grit her teeth as she heard Evelyn chuckle. A moment of silence passed until Evelyn shouted something inaudible.
“You know what I want, Hannah.” Evelyn’s voice was cold and Stephanie nodded towards the chain still safely tucked underneath Hannah’s vest.
“Give me the drive!”

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