Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (SEVENTEEN) – HCC

Your Briefing:
Hannah is undercover at CGT agency, who appear as if they are working for good. She is chasing down her mother, Evelyn Carmichael, who is planning a terrorist attack that has something to do with plans on a USB drive which is currently in Hannah’s possession. Hannah and her fellow agents Stephanie, Ian and mysterious newcomer Moroz are headed towards Evelyn’s safe house armed with a wooden key from a puzzle box. While giving her first double agent briefing to her husband Zeke, a real agent of the government, Stephanie overhears her. What will Stephanie say and do? Will Hannah tell her the truth, or will she lie her way out of it? Find out NOW!


Stephanie’s usual playful tone had been replaced with the voice she only used during suspect interrogations as she aimed the gun at Hannah.
“Steph, it’s not-“
“Not what?” Stephanie spat, moving closer. Hannah sighed,
“That was Zeke.” She said simply, lowering her hands to her sides and letting her pain and anger show. Stephanie’s rage wavered but her hand remained steady.
“Why are you talking with Zeke about CGT? What Intel? Who does Zeke work for? Evelyn?”
Hannah furrowed her brows and tried to keep her tone neutral. The last thing she needed right now was for Stephanie to turn her in.
“Zeke works for the real government. They have information, solid information, that CGT is not what they told us.” Hannah took a step closer to Stephanie who squared her shoulders. “They lied to us Steph. CGT aren’t working for the government, they’re out for themselves.”
Stephanie shook her head,
“No. You’re just trying to squirm out of this. You’re a traitor! Just like your mother!” Stephanie’s eyes filled with tears and her hand began to shake. Hannah took a breath, then a step of faith. Moving closer to Stephanie, she reached her hands up again.
“They showed me the proof. When Zeke raided headquarters, they took me in for questioning and he asked me to come back here. To take CGT down.” Hannah reached forward as Stephanie’s arm fell and she released the gun. Hannah put the safety on then tucked the gun into her waistband as Stephanie moved to the deck chair, falling into it.
“All these years. All the things we did.” Stephanie tried to keep the tears at bay and Hannah sat next to her on the chair. They sat in silence for a moment and Hannah moved her hand onto Stephanie’s shoulder. The shock in her eyes turned to anger and she locked her jaw.
“I want to take them down.” She said, standing and walking towards the pool gate.
“It’s not that simple.” Hannah said, reaching out for her arm and pulling her back. “Zeke can’t know I told you anything. If he knows you’ve been compromised, he may pull us both out to question you and we’ll lose Evelyn.”
Stephanie shook her head, “You don’t know that.” She said, pulling her arm away and turning back towards the boy’s room. Hannah moved in front of Stephanie, blocking her path.
“You want to take them down? Then we have to be smart.” Hannah said. Stephanie stopped and thought for a moment.
“We have to work together. Without telling Zeke.” Hannah reached out her hand and Stephanie looked at it.
“They deceived us. All of us.” Her friend said, looking back at Hannah.
Hannah nodded and Stephanie reached out, shaking her hand.
Back in their room, Hannah stared up at the ceiling while Stephanie slept, a familiar snoring from their training days filling the small space. Trusting Steph with the truth was a risk, but she knew Steph, she couldn’t have known about CGT.
As they stumbled back into the car in the morning, armed with coffee and donuts, the team drove in silence as the beautiful countryside whipped by. They took a short break halfway for lunch then Hannah took over driving duties. She tried to keep her mind focused on the road as they got closer to the coordinates set in the GPS.
The navigator voice told them they had reached their destination and Hannah slowed the car, no buildings or structures had been seen for miles.
“I knew it. Nothing more than a wild goose chase.” Moroz said, slamming his foot against the front passenger seat. Stephanie jerked forward and spun,
“Hey! Cut it out you-“
“Steph.” Hannah said using her best ‘boss’ voice. Stephanie groaned and turned, crossing her arms in front of her. Hannah took a breath and looked at Moroz in the rear view mirror.
“Two year old tantrums aside,”
Moroz rolled his eyes and Hannah continued.
“Evelyn wouldn’t have given me the wrong coordinates.” Hannah looked around and saw a large hedge 100 metres ahead of them. She moved the car forward and spotted a narrow dirt road behind the leaves. She smiled and turned the car, driving slowly.
As they rounded a bend a few minutes later, Hannah exhaled as she spotted a small barn standing alone. Behind her, she saw Ian nudging Moroz and nodding. Moroz rolled his eyes and focused in on the structure. Hannah parked the car at the edge of the road and put it in park.
“Guess we have to walk a little.” She said, getting out. Stephanie came up beside her as they walked ahead of the boys.
“So what’s the plan when we find what Evelyn has here?” she asked.
“If there is still anything here,” Hannah said, looking behind them to Ian and Moroz moving in silence.
“Whatever we find either gets destroyed, or given to Anthony and a copy to Zeke.” Hannah said, her voice low.
“But what if-“ Stephanie’s question was halted as they heard Ian cuss behind them. They turned and saw him looking down at his left shoe.
“What is it?” Hannah asked, already walking back. Ian held out his hands and widened his eyes.
“Don’t come closer!” He said, shrugging a little, “I heard a click.”

Find out what Happens next week for HCC (EIGHTEEN)


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