Hannah Carmichael Chronicles CGSP story

Upcoming Mission Briefing (HCC – FIFTEEN)

Your Briefing:

Hannah has gone undercover at CGT and her husband, who she didn’t know worked for the government, is the one she reports to. As they search for a clue to find Evelyn Carmichale, Hannah’s mother, will they be able to locate her before she pulls off a terrorist attack? Hannah now has the drive with mysterious plans linked to the attack, but finding Evelyn is just as important. With Stephanie, Ian and newcomer Moroz, Hannah is on the road to her childhood home to find clues!

Find out what she discovers 25.10.18 In the meantime, there is a special sneak peek into FIFTEEN – up now!


— Hannah opened the door and stepped into what was once her childhood bedroom. Her mother had kept all of Hannah’s belongings exactly where she left them when she had left home at 18 years old. The posters on the wall were slowly peeling off and her bed was made without a single wrinkle. —

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