Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (FOURTEEN)


Your Briefing:

Last time on HCC, Hannah had found out her agency CGT was actually out for themselves and not with the government as she was led to believe. When her husband, Zeke, who had been missing, showed up in an attack against CGT, Hannah was shocked to learn that he was working for the real government to take CGT down. If that wasn’t enough, Hannah’s mother – a known traitor – is planning an attack with the contents of a drive that was in the possession of CGT. Zeke asks Hannah to go back to CGT undercover to stop Evelyn and bring the agency down. Near a CGT safe house, Hannah was found by agents Stephanie, Ian and a new face – Moroz. Will Hannah be able to take them down from the inside? Do they still have the drive? Can she work with them to stop Evelyn?


Hannah stared down at the USB drive that Anthony handed her and exhaled.
“This is one of the items we managed to take with us after the raid.” Anthony said, pointing to the drive. “It was being transferred to a secure vault when everything went sideways and Ian swiped it before they did.”
Hannah smiled. Evelyn hadn’t managed to get a hold of the drive. Her stomach dropped as she realised that CGT now had it. Clasping her hand tight around the drive she looked up and Anthony and straightened her shoulders.
“I want to be the one to secure the drive Sir.” Moroz jutted forward, “that was my orders Sir.” He said, a sharpness in his voice. Hannah sighed and shook her head.
“Who is this guy?” She asked Anthony, staring Moroz down. “I don’t know if you realise this Moroz, because you’ve only been here a short time.”
Moroz opened his mouth to reply but she raised her hand and continued.
“Aside from Anthony, I am the most senior agent in this room. Probably in the area amongst who is left.” Hannah looked Moroz up and down to assert her authority.
“I haven’t even heard of you, and I don’t appreciate being undermined in front of anyone.” She made sure to put as much edge in that last word as she could muster and slipped the drive onto a chain. Anthony nodded,
“Sorry Morozov, but she’s right.”
Moroz set his jaw and stood with his shoulders square.
“I understand you have been sent to help, but Hannah has seniority. Even over you.” Anthony turned to Hannah and winked, “Keep that drive on you at all times.” He said, turning and moving back to the desk in the corner. Hannah smiled and slipped the drive around her neck.
“So who breached headquarters?” Hannah asked, crossing her arms. Stephanie scoffed and rolled her eyes.
“No one will tell us.” She said, glaring at Anthony. He shrugged,
“Higher ups are dealing with the breach.” Anthony said as he faced them. “So for now, mission details for this team is to locate and stop the attack that Evelyn is planning.” Anthony smiled softly at Hannah,
“I know Zeke is still missing, but this has to take priority.” The warmth in his voice made Hannah catch her breath. He nodded silently and Hannah cleared her throat,
“Evelyn most likely took Zeke. If we find her, we find him.” She said reaching for Stephanie’s outstretched hand. Stephanie squeezed it and smiled, nodding and letting go.
“I’ve been briefed on the situation with Zeke Anderson. This Is the right call.” Moroz said, moving closer to Anthony’s desk. The three people Hannah had spent years serving with glared at Moroz and he shrunk back slightly.
“I don’t know what happens in your branch of CGT, but in this one we look after our own.” Stephanie said, turning to face Moroz and straightening her posture. He glanced at her, his eyes turning upwards. Anthony stood and cleared his throat,
“We’re getting off track.” He said, moving to a large wall with map print outs strung up. He moved to one that looked newer and pointed at a familiar house.
“This is Evelyn’s last known address. I want you all to go and see if she had any more of hidden tunnels like that surprise under the warehouse.” Anthony turned and led them towards the room which held their only source of weaponry.
“Take what you need but don’t be excessive.” He said, leaving them to collect their weapons. Hannah chose a handgun and Kevlar vest and waited outside the room for Stephanie, Ian and Moroz to select their more extravagant choices. She had always preferred the simpler approach.
Hannah felt for the drive around her neck, now settled underneath her vest and shirt. When Zeke called her for an update, would she tell him she had the drive? He would want to know what was on it.
It was against protocol for her to open the driver herself, and CGT had most likely tagged it electronically to send a signal whenever its contents were accessed. Stephanie and the boys came out and they made their way to the SUV. She would have to worry about the driver later.

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