Upcoming Mission Briefing (HCC)

Hannah Carmichael is a spy at the CGT agency. But they aren’t what they seem. Her mother is a traitor, and her husband Zeke is not who she thought he was. The next instalment in the Hannah Carmichael Chronicles – FOURTEEN – is coming on Thursday 18/10/18. What happened last time? Check out THIRTEEN for all the mission details. In the Meantime, here is a short rundown and a sneak peek into FOURTEEN – to be released Thursday!

Your Briefing:

Last time on HCC, Hannah had found out her agency CGT was actually out for themselves and not with the government as she was led to believe. When her husband, Zeke, who had been missing, showed up in an attack against CGT, Hannah was shocked to learn that he was working for the real government to take CGT down. If that wasn’t enough, Hannah’s mother – a known traitor – is planning an attack with the contents of a drive that was in the possession of CGT. Zeke asks Hannah to go back to CGT undercover to stop Evelyn and bring the agency down. Near a CGT safe house, Hannah was found by agents Stephanie, Ian and a new face – Moroz. Will Hannah be able to take them down from the inside? Do they still have the drive? Can she work with them to stop Evelyn?


— Hannah stared down at the USB drive that Anthony handed her and exhaled.

“This is one of the items we managed to take with us after the raid.” Anthony said, pointing to the drive. “It was being transferred to a secure vault when everything went sideways and Ian swiped it before they did.” —


Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (FOURTEEN) coming 18.10.18

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