Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (TWELVE)

In The Last Instalment:

Hannah was shaken to find out her agency – CGT – is working for their own interests instead of the country. Her husband Zeke is working for the real government and wants Hannah to go back in undercover to take them down. Zeke revealed that Hannah’s mother, Evelyn, was the one who captured him, and she is still out there searching for the plans for her terrorist attack. Will Hannah be able to take down the agency? Was her relationship with Zeke real, or was that just a cover to get access?



Hannah hovered the pen above the agreement and took a deep breath. Even though CGT wasn’t officially a part of the government, it still felt like she was betraying her country. The agent in front of her cleared her throat and Hannah looked up, attempting a smile.
The agent raised her eyebrows and looked down at the contract. Hannah rolled her eyes and signed it, emphatically putting a full stop at the end of her signature. The agent slipped the paper away and Hannah felt a hand on her shoulder.
She looked up and saw Zeke, smiling softly down at her. She rolled her shoulder and he dropped his hand away, sighing. Hannah stood and faced him and Zeke cleared his throat.
“Next step is to drop you nearby and-“
“Why did you disappear?” She interrupted, watching his face drop.
He exhaled and grabbed her arm, pulling her into a small break room.
“I know I kept things from you.” Zeke said, reaching up and putting his hand on Hannah’s cheek. She rolled her eyes and pulled away from him,
“Egregious understatement.” She said. Zeke rolled his eyes,
“You always go for the big words when you’re angry.” Zeke turned and walked three steps before spinning, his brows pulled together.
“Just with you,” Hannah said, her voice softer.
“Evelyn figured out who I worked for. I guess she knew all along.” Zeke sighed,
“She ambushed my team. When she saw that I was in the car, she took me and killed everyone else.” Zeke paused and looked down,
“You blame yourself?” Hannah asked, taking a small step forward. Zeke met her eyes and exhaled.
“She wanted to know the location of the drive. When I wouldn’t give it up, she used you as leverage.”
Hannah sighed,
“Damn it.” She said, moving to a small table and pulling out the chair. She sat and looked at the floor, minutes of silence passing.
“Were you ever going to tell me?” She asked, staring at the white tiles. She heard him shuffling and waited for his answer.
More silence.
Hannah looked up and saw Zeke staring at her. The door opened and a man twice Zeke’s size came into the room.
“Anderson,” he said as he opened the door wider. “Transport is here.” He raised his eyebrows and Zeke turned back to Hannah.
“Contact for updates on Evelyn will be ten o’clock in the evenings.” Zeke said, turning and walking out of the room.
“Mrs Carmichael, I’m Special Agent Todd. I’ll be lead in your transport.” Agent Todd motioned for her to walk through the door.
Hannah stood and followed him to an SUV, stepping inside. As the car drove away, Hannah sighed as Zeke watched them leave.

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