Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (NINE)


In The Last Instalment

Evelyn and some of her agents breached Hannah’s agency headquarters. They made their way into the elevator and seemed trapped, but when Hannah got a better camera angle inside, she saw Evelyn’s associate preparing an explosive device. Hannah’s boss made his way with several agents to get inside the elevator but as Hannah sees the clock ticking down she runs to warn him. An explosion hits the building. Did Anthony make it? Did Evelyn escape? Where is the drive Evelyn is after?

The concrete floor was cold as Hannah braced her fall. Her ears were ringing and sounds were muted around her. The distant echo of the building alarm pounded in her ears as she looked up.
Agents were scattered in the hallway and several more came running around the corner. Lights and sounds came into focus and she pushed herself up off the floor.
The elevator door had been partially blown open and other agents were positioning themselves in front of it. Hannah took a few deep breaths then reached for her weapon, pulling it out and aiming it at the door opening.
“Evelyn Carmichael, slowly exit the elevator with your hands up!” Ian shouted towards the hanging metal box.
With no movement, Ian repeated his command and looked over to Hannah, shrugging. She rolled her eyes and took a step closer.
“Mother?” She asked, cautiously advancing. With no reply, Hannah nodded to the agents at the doors. They pried them open and Hannah stood in the middle of the entry. Nothing.
Evelyn and her agent were gone. Hannah took a step closer and felt a hand on her arm. Anthony was standing with his right hand over an open wound on his left arm.
“It’s not stable.” He said, shaking his head. Hannah sighed and looked back into the elevator. She glanced back at Anthony and smiled, shrugging.
Turning back into the elevator, Hannah stepped inside gently. She heard Anthony yelling at her to get out but she remained inside, aiming her gun towards the open roof panel above her.
The explosion had blown the primary cables but had missed the secured secondary ones. Hannah turned back to Anthony and shook her head,
“They’re inside the building.” She said, letting her weapon fall to her side. Anthony turned and yelled orders at agents to search the building as Hannah exited the elevator.
“Where is Agent Winchester?” Anthony asked. Hannah had forgotten about Stephanie.
“She’s with the search party on the Cara Stone location.” Ian replied before turning back to his team. Hannah exhaled, relieved.
“Hannah, you know Evelyn better than anyone.” Anthony said, pushing away an agent attempting to address his wound. “Where would she go?” he asked.
Hannah took a deep breath and closed her eyes, mentally running through the blueprints of the building.
“Hannah?” Stephanie’s voice pulled her out as she turned to see her friend racing towards her. She threw her arms around Hannah and they hugged briefly.
“I came back when I heard the alarm.” Stephanie said, turning to Anthony.
“Sir? Teams are still searching the location but they are mostly residential buildings.” Stephanie said before turning back to Hannah. “Where do you think Evelyn is?”
Hannah sighed and shook her head,
“I don’t know. I have to assume she knows the layout, so it’s just where she thinks we’ve stored the drive.” Hannah turned and started walking. Stephanie, Anthony and other agents following her as she turned the corner towards the main computer room. The door was open and she reached back to Stephanie, pushing her against the wall.
“Do we have agents in there?” Hannah whispered to Anthony who had also pushed himself and the other agents against the wall. He shook his head and she nodded, pulling out her weapon. Next to her Stephanie pulled out hers and flipped to the opposite side of the door.
They stood and listened for a brief moment before sounds of rummaging came through. Stephanie nodded and Hannah turned to Anthony, giving inaudible signals for their coordinated breach.
Hannah took a breath and mouthed the countdown.
Three, Two, One.
Stephanie moved first, shouting orders of surrender. Hannah moved behind her and they swept the room from opposite sides. Shots fired from her left at Stephanie’s location and Hannah glanced behind her where backup continued her sweep.
Hannah moved to where Stephanie stood over Evelyn’s associate. Agents ran out of the room after her mother. Stephanie’s gun was pushed into the man’s face and Hannah lowered her weapon.
Anthony rushed into the room as Hannah was cuffing Evelyn’s agent.
”We lost her,” he said through breaths. Hannah smiled as Stephanie pulled the man up and shoved him towards the door.
“Ok,” Hannah said. “But we’ve got him.”

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