Hannah Carmichael Chronicles (ONE)


Hannah Carmichael reached into her bag and fumbled around until she felt the cold steel. Sudden movement to her left triggered a heart flutter and she pulled out the gun. She aimed it in the direction of uncertainty and held her breath.

The small sliver of light from the door edge wasn’t enough to determine what was in the small room. Cautiously she took a step closer to the door and paused to listen. The voices on the other side of the door were muffled and she took another step closer.

The sweat on her hands was loosening her grip on the gun. She wiped her hands on her jeans, trying to keep the gun steady. The next person to enter this room was going to get a bullet.

Slowly she reached into the bag again and felt around for her pocket knife. If she could find it, she figured she could use it to pry open the door. A smile crept onto her face as she wrapped her fingers around the knife. Slinging the bag over her shoulder, Hannah lowered the gun to her side.

She pressed herself up against the door and felt for the doorknob. Her brows raised when she failed to find it and she sighed. Slowly she lowered herself down to the ground and felt for a bolt. She counted;

One, Two, Three

Three bolts on the bottom of the door alone. The voices behind the door began getting clearer and footsteps louder. Hannah pushed away from the door and raised herself up, lifting the gun. The sound of her pocket knife dropping onto the concrete was deafening as she stood; waiting.

Hannah glanced in the direction of the clatter, only the darkness greeting her. The sounds of the deadbolts being released echoed in the small room and she counted.

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six

She gripped the gun tighter and sucked in a quick breath.

Hannah squinted as her eyes adjusted to a sudden burst of light and she tried to keep the gun steady.

“Oh please, put that away.” The voice was cool and collected and Hannah moved backwards. She blinked, trying to see past the red blob walking towards her and cocked her gun. The blob paused and raised its hands.

As her eyes adjusted, Hannah saw a smiling woman come into focus.


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