Everything Is Going To Be Fine


This Furious Fiction was beginning with the phrase ‘A Long Time Ago’, including the words ‘Star, War and Force’ and feature something that flies – Enjoy!



“A long time ago,”
Actually it was yesterday, Eloise thought as Amanda continued.
“Two girls made the journey to a foreign land.”
“Amanda, please shut up,” Eloise said as she looked at Amanda, who raised an eyebrow.
“Can I finish my story please?”
Eloise rolled her eyes as the plane bumped slightly. Eloise felt her heart beating faster. She wrung her hands on her T-shirt. After today, her favourite shirt definitely had permanent wrinkles.

Amanda was still spinning a tale about the two girls who wanted to go to Hollywood and become stars.
“Amanda,” Eloise looked over at Amanda and tried to smile. “I appreciate you trying to distract me, but I’m fine.”
Amanda faced her and narrowed her eyes, “You don’t have to pretend your insides aren’t at war with me.” She smiled and turned to face the seat in front of her, clearing her throat. “When our two heroes decided to embark on this journey, they thought it was impossible!”

Eloise took a deep breath and looked across the aisle. A mother was trying to wrangle her screaming child into his seatbelt. Another, more violent bump, made Eloise grab onto Amanda’s hand. Amanda stopped talking and the tone for the seat belt sign rang through Eloise’s ears. She reached to check for her seatbelt; it was still securely fastened. The captain’s voice came across the intercom, “Ladies and gentlemen this is your captain speaking. We appear to be entering a bit of turbulence. As you may have noticed, we have put the seat belt sign on so please ensure you have your seat belt securely fastened.” Eloise took a deep breath and swallowed hard. The plane jerked forward violently and other passengers around them started to gasp and mumble.

Amanda had stopped talking and Eloise looked over to her. Her face had gone pale and she was breathing through pursed lips. Eloise quickly snapped her head back to face the chair in front of her.
The flight attendants had all disappeared, preparing to strap themselves in for the turbulence. Eloise felt her breathing get faster and she tried to breathe in and out. In and out.

A Ker Clunk noise on the left side of the plane had everyone in the cabin looking around, chattering. The sound of panic was deafening. The intercom buzzed to life.
“Ladies and gentlemen, we will be making an unscheduled landing at the Honolulu Airport. The Flight Attendants will give you instructions. Everything is going to be fine.” The Flight Attendants appeared and a woman gave a tight smile as she relayed bracing instructions over the intercom.

The lights suddenly flickered and Eloise felt the full force of a tailwind rattle the aircraft. The woman tried to calm the passengers as children began to cry. Eloise looked over to Amanda. A tear fell down her cheek and she smiled, grasping her hand tighter. Air masks fell from compartments above them and instructions came over the intercom. Eloise reached for hers as the plane began to fall.


– Thanks for Reading this Furious Fiction by Christy Grace
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