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What does it say about your childhood that you haven’t read the classic books that people recount with fondness when they consider their own? Does it say that it was worthless? That you missed out on the brilliant genius that WAS created in simpler times? Or that you were preoccupied with other things so much that you were deprived of those little pleasures.

Either way, I set my mind to reading those “classics” we often hear about, see in movie or television adaptions and more… but I am an adult now, so I don’t know if these books will hit quite the same. Let’s find out!

The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe (The Chronicles of Narnia) – C.S. Lewis

Reading this as an adult made no difference. I still really liked this story.
The writing had so many fun aside comments (often in brackets which were more a forth wall break or funny commentary) that added a light element to the book.
I knew the story, but had never read the novel and im very glad I did. I will definitely read all the others now!

*4 stars

Charlotte’s Web -E. B. White

It was lovely to hear about Wilber and Charlotte again.. I only ever watched the film but it was nice to hear the words originally written.

*3 stars

Anne of Green Gables – L. M. Montgomory

This series was a sentimental read for me, having watched the movies with my family when I was a kid. I’m glad I finally read the first book, because I was transported to the world of Anne and Green Gables again!
Written quite some time ago, it was interesting to see the change of culture.
I thought it was quite funny that Matthew was frightfully shy of girls but ended up adopting one. He was always such a love.
Mirilla was a lot nicer than I recalled, and I loved the relationship she had with Anne. It was actually quite nice to see both of them mature and grow with each other.
The writing is beautiful, though I will admit to smiling or rolling my eyes a time or two when something quite outdated was used.
I will say that I don’t quite understand how people so casually called kids ‘wicked’ when they did something they didn’t like or agree with. What do you genuinely think a kid will grow up to be like if you continuously tell them they’re no good..? But anyway..
Anne Shirley with an E, and good old Gilbert – it was such a nice trip to the Lady of Shalott.

*3 stars

Black Beauty – Anna Sewell

Written from the perspective of a horse… if we imagine what horses actually think about. But we also got different owners of BB and the author tried to throw in short and random feeling emotional or plot driven moments of the humans. The problem with this was I didn’t know enough about those characters to care about them. They weren’t the main character. Why would I care about their problems when I barely heard much about them?
On top of that, BBs life was boring.. just so very boring.

*2 stars

The Velveteen Rabbit – Margery Williams

Very sweet. Such a cute little story about the toys we love and what happens when we grow up and change.

*3.75 stars

Well, there are the offical results of PART ONE. There were so kids books that I had to split this list up. If you want to see my thoughts on some other classics like

Do you enjoy these “classic” children’s books and think my opinion is rubbish? Comment below your FAV of the books I read above and let me know why.

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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