The Devil Wears Prada | Book vs Movie

A great movie, that I have seen many times… and apparently based on a book! So I’m putting it to the test to see which is the best…

There is always a level of cutting things out when you go from a book to a movie, but this one was more about the small moments that Andrea went through being cut out and instead being replaced by a more easy to follow thread of related events. Her family life however, was basically eviscerated – a best friend that was removed and replaced instead by two others in the film and parents and a sibling that she saw somewhat regularly was replaced with the rare email and one moment of her Dad coming to New York.

Though I will admit that Andrea not dealing with an alcoholic best friend, distancing boyfriend and parents that worry about her wasn’t that disappointing. Removing the funny security guard at the building was sad, and the combination of various characters at the office merged into Nigel was a genius move! I loved his character in the film, so much that I missed him in the book. Yes, some of his characteristics were taken from other characters but it wasn’t the same.

The relationship with Emily was a little different, it was more confrontational in the Movie (which is a switch, as usually people aren’t as nice in the book), and more in the trenches together. I liked that part of the book, with more detached disinterest rather than outright distain.
It was also interesting to see barely anyone talk about Andrea’s lack of interest in fashion being a factor in her job or her life.

The little changes like how Emily ended up not going to Paris (getting Mono, instead of the car accident… which in the book happened to Andrea’s personal friend instead and actually leads to her telling Miranda just where to get off), how her relationships dissolved, what job her boyfriend had (teacher, not chef), and where she ended up in terms of what writing job she gets after leaving… it wasn’t the end of the world/story.

I did miss seeing the human side of Miranda in the film, the book never offers much in the way of giving her a human side – it just begins and ends with her being sharp and demanding. Though I will admit that the line “Why is no-one ready?” is a personal favourite of mine… I actually say it quite a lot so props to Meryl Streep for that amazing line read.

There was no ‘I’ll do better’ and no ‘glow up’ type of scene, just a gradual acceptance that these things would rub off on her. Christian was given a way larger role in the movie, and I couldn’t believe it when I read in the book that Andrea told Miranda where to get off… then promptly got fired. I was never worried about Andy being fired in the movie, but in the book it was a constant worry…

So, which was better? Well, I did start with a little bias in loving the movie… but I think even if I looked at it objectively, it would still win out. There was a greater sense of urgency for those around Andy in the film when Miranda wanted something (probably due to the chaotic shots and music), but the personal fear was more prevalent in the book. The movie just had something about it that I enjoyed more… the fashion, the actors, the music… whatever it was, I feel lie the Movie wins out.

Check out the video if you want a more chaotic version of my thoughts:

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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