Where The Heck Are The Newspapers??

Okay, so recently I did an experiment to see if I would get smarter after reading a newspaper every day for a week (spoiler alert… the answer was no). BUT, in order to actually read a physical newspaper it was a lot more difficult than I imagined to get hold of an actual, real life paper!

So, I scoured the few places I tried in day one, and discovered it’s actually a VERY limited list – at least in Melbourne, Australia. If you wanted to know where I discovered you can get one, I’m putting the list right here:

7 Eleven/Convenience Stores

I did discover that these places had papers, but they were super limited. Most only had the Herald Sun or Australian… but I was on the hunt for The Age so I kept looking


Again, the places I went only seemed to have the Herald Sun and Australian (beginning to see a pattern here!), so I kept looking….

Petrol Stations

I wouldn’t have thought so, but my first newspaper find was actually at a petrol station! So there you go


Apparently these illusive things still exist! So if you can find one, you can grab a paper and get to reading

While some businesses and smaller stores will have options for newspapers also, it really depends. It’s about where you’re located, what places you’re looking in and what paper you’re willing to read. The Herald Sun seems easier to find, and others fly off the shelves… I guess.

I know I didn’t do the journalistic standard of investigating, with just four on my list but there it is. Newspapers in paper format are hard to get your hands on, and I’m sure that it will keep going like that for a long time to come. With most people getting their news on…. take a deep breath…. social media. Ugh.

Anyway, for those long time newspaper readers I’m sure they know their favourite place to get the old Birdcage Liner… so drop us a line below in the comments so we can find them too! If we want to of course.

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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