Reading “Fish Wrap” To Get Smarter | Day 4

Alrighty, so it’s officially Day 4 of reading a physical newspaper (did you know they used to call them “fish wraps” so… yeah).

We are back again reading The Australian newspaper. If you didn’t catch yesterday’s post, I have spaced out just the one paper for the last few days of this test. I noticed pretty early on that it takes time and effort to read through the entirety of a newspaper – particularly when you are interested in almost all the articles. So I have split it up.

Today, I really appreciated reading an article pushing back on journalistic standards. Another journalist pointed out a particular writer who seemingly tends to leave out information on a story that doesn’t fit her narrative, rather than just share all the information. On the whole, I think journalists have forgotten that newspaper articles are NOT opinion, they are information providers. You want to write an opinion piece, start a blog. It’s not the same.

I was impressed again by the level of professionalism and quality – and made it to the “world” section, which appears to have pulled articles (or at the very least, ideas) from other papers around the world that the article relates to.

So, where do I sit on the Slob to Snob scale today? I feel like I am going steady at an ‘Enlightened and Surprised Human‘ – a marked improvement!

I’m still going, and there are a few more days left of this series, so check back tomorrow to see if my opinion goes downhill, I start feeling dumber, or maybe it just gets better?

See You in the Adventures!
Christy Grace

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