Reading a “Rag” To Get Smarter?? | Day 2

Okay, it is DAY 2 of reading a physical newspaper to see if it can make me smarter and a little more educated.

After the challenge yesterday of finding a place where you can find an array of paper choices, I settled to run up to Wooly’s and grabbed a different one than yesterday. Today’s choice, was The Herald Sun!

So, what are my thoughts overall, and in comparison to the one I read yesterday? Let me tell you – good and bad (again, lacking in consistency), here we go!


  • There are helpful things (that were also in yesterday’s paper choice too) that if you don’t like using your phone or computer would be great! Like the weather and tv guide
  • A fun daily short story surprised me towards the back of the paper


  • The layout was just plain confusing! Things were all over the place, and made no sense to be on the same page, let alone next to each other. The best example I came across was an article on Tiktok birth control advice right beside one about the Australian Army…
  • There were short, meaningless stories that weren’t fleshed out but had POTENTIAL to go into interesting stories and places.. instead they read like a Twitter post of random and short information
  • The paper was TWICE as long as the other I had read
  • There were WAY more death and funeral notices in this one, which isn’t bad per se, but it is super depressing to see that many
  • Again, it was clear which side of the political isle that some of these articles were taking

I will admit, that this time I did NOT read every single article in full. I couldn’t bare it after yesterday when I discovered that newspapers were essentially boring…. yeah. They are.

So, from Uncultured Slob to Pretentious Snob, where do I find myself today?

I think I’m sitting at Frustrated Human

I WILL be subjecting myself to more of this tomorrow, where I will read Another newspaper to see if it gets any better. Meanwhile

See You in the Adventures
Christy Grace

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