Suite Life of Zack & Cody | Where’d They End Up?

Suite Life of Zack and Cody (then the Suite Life On Deck) was a big show when I was growing up. But now that THEY have grown up too, where do I imagine the twins and kooky characters are today?

Zack Martin became a television personality after an executive saw his footage on the S.S. Tipton. He has become very successful and very loved (especially among the female viewers), and still hasn’t managed to settle into a stable relationship – something that doesn’t bother him at all.
He manages to embarrass, prank, and humiliate his brother on a regular basis, only this time it’s in front of a national viewership.

Cody Martin started working to cure Cancer and is very close to a breakthrough. He also gives his knowledge and expertise to teaching college students, and spends the rest of his days with his, and Bailey Pickett’s three kids. They adopted two, and used IVF for the third, and love all of them very much.

Carey Martin got a late break in her career, and travels the world in her new genre, Country Music. The audience is very receptive, and she loves the new direction that she’s gone in. She regularly checks in with her kids, but mostly on hears back from Cody.

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London Tipton doesn’t bother with college, and after 8 years dental school Todd St. Mark comes back. Their Fathers both make up and join forces, and the hotel empire is HUGE. London and Todd can now be together, then eventually inherit the whole fortune. Todd does dentistry on the side, and London hires Mr Mosbey to run things for her….

Mr Mosbey and Ms Tutwiler are happily married, until they have twins of their own and it’s Mosbey’s turn to find out how hard it is to wrangle twins! He tries to run the Tipton/St Mark empire whilst keeping his own kids out of trouble.

Maddie Fitspatrick went to the Peace Corps and met a Doctors Without Borders doctor. They are still travelling the world to help those less fortunate, and come back to the USA every so often to visit London and Todd.

Esteban is now the Tipton hotel manager and happy with seven kids, while Arwin and Kirby (who is now landlocked) both work in the same hotel causing minor mishaps.

Woody had a glow up, and became a male model – he is living his best life.

Did you enjoy seeing my thoughts on where everyone would have ended up? I’d love to hear where YOU imagined it?

See You in The Adventures!

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