Detective, Spy, or Worst Assistant Ever? I Could Have Been….

I’ve had a few jobs in my short working life – and with each one, i’ve assigned a fictional character that I think best suits WHO I could have been at each job.


  • After School Care Worker Felix Achille :: Gallery
    (Daddy Day Care)

I could have been any one of these three guys. The kids that I dealt with were just as energetic, but I had the added benefit of still being in school – and some of those guys knew it. They didn’t always listen, because I was technically also a student… even if I was 10+ years older than they were.






  • Florist AssistantBee Movie — Simon J Smith
    (Bee Movie)

I didn’t work as a florist assistant for very long – about 6 months, but the woman in Bee Movie didn’t seem to work there very long either. Until she met a bee, and decided to go to “court” and try to sue the human population for honey…. I think if the job was more like that, I may have ended up staying!



  • Wendy’s WorkerAbout Chuck and More.... | TV Media Nation

Again, this was a short term job – only 3 months tops. Lots of ice cream and hot dogs to hand out. I would have LOVED a break in the routine with a spy adventure like Sarah got in Chuck… Again, if it was a bit more like that, I would have STAYED (until I was killed accidentally while trying to help save the world).




  • Holmesglen Tour GuideAudrey Liddell - Alchetron, The Free Social Encyclopedia
    (Dawson’s Creek)

Okay, so I didn’t actually remember that Audrey was a tour guide on Dawson’s Creek until I came to write this post… but she totally was! In at least one episode, Audrey was the guide for starey-eyed hopefuls at Worthington University. She also had ALL the sass, and energy!






  • Legal SecretarySuits season 8 finale: Sarah Rafferty on Harvey and Donna hookup |

I worked in a couple of different kind of law firms, including a top tier, expensive and fancy one for 9 months. I 100% could have ended up like Donna… damn straight. Too bad I hated the actual practice of the law (not as dramatic as Suits though. Just putting that out there).




  • International Tafe Administration/ReceptionKaren Walker Quotes: 17 One-Liners From Megan Mullally's Will & Grace Character
    (Will and Grace)

Okay, not one of my finest hours at this job. I was a receptionist/administration assistant, and it was pretty complex. Looking back, I actually think I was about as helpful as Karen Walker was… Without the boozing each day.





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  • Radio Show ProducerWhatever Happened To Roz From Frasier?

I LOVED working in radio. The only reason I left, was because it was voluntary and I needed money to live. I loved being a drive show producer, and even though I wasn’t working with a psychologist, there was loads of laughs to go around.




  • Investigation FirmHow Veronica Mars Transcended Its Many Genres - Den of Geek
    (Veronica Mars)

Okay, everyone has the WRONG idea about private investigators thanks to shows like Veronica Mars. They’re certainly entertaining, but real investigative work is much more dull. Surveillance hasn’t got as many chase scenes, and you don’t do things that are against the law. I worked in a corporate investigative firm typing up the reports and watching the surveillance footage. It was interesting, but ultimately there wasn’t any Mars-type drama that went along with it.


  • School Photographyandrew garfield - peter parker | Peter Parker | Pinterest

Okay, so this one’s a little bit of a stretch, but just give it to me… It was the only Superhero that I was going to get in this list!
When lockdowns aren’t happening, school photography is in full swing. I work back at the office, making sure all the images are up to standard and the best one’s were selected. It’s close(ish) to Peter Parker…. As close as I’ll get anyway.





  • AuthorGet a Sneak Peek of Richard Castle's Frozen Heat | WIRED

This is by far, my favourite comparison! I LOVE Castle (the show, and the character), and the idea that a writer like me could get to tag along with a cop and help solve real crimes… is the ultimate! I can only hope to be half as successful (and to maintain my childhood silliness) as Rick Castle.



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What’s the coolest job you’ve had?

See You in The Adventures!

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