Murder App | Chapter 6

A serial killer, technology, and a detective determined to find the truth. Come along on a murder mystery adventure, with The Murder App – Chapter 6! 

Ella tapped her sleek black boot on the floor of her and Steve’s office. As she stared at the unmoving screen before her, she vaguely heard the door open and close. A coffee mug clinked down beside her, but her eyes remained on the screen.

“You’re welcome,” Steve said with mild irritation. Ella would have apologised for being rude. She would have apologised for not looking up. She would even have apologised for not speaking for the past two hours. But this was more important.

When they’d returned to the station, they had coordinated with Cyber and done a full search of the man who had sent her the message. His name was Devon Smith. It sounded fake, but there was a large digital footprint that went back decades.

He was thirty-three, and had several social media pages, each with many “friends” and obvious connections. But there was still something about him, and the message he had left her, which felt off.

“Any movement?” Steve asked from his own desk across from hers. Their shared office was somewhat reminiscent of the one in Scrubs, when Elliot and JD had to share a tiny closet as an office as Co-Cheif Residents. The comparison brought a small smile to Ella’s mouth, and she quickly flicked a look up at Steve.

“Not yet. What about the research on Devon Smith?” Before the answer, Ella’s eyes were back on her screen. As Steve went over the lack of new information, she continued studying the mans profile. She had sent a reply email, encouraging the interaction, but he hadn’t replied yet. So, it had been up to Ella to check out his dating profile.


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“Ella?” Steve’s prompt sounded like the third or fourth time, and she looked up. Having clearly missed a question, Steve’s cup was halfway to his lips and he was shaking his head, brows furrowed. “Did you hear me?”
She shook her head and rolled her shoulders, finally peeling her eyes away from her computer. “Sorry, no. I think I’ve been looking at this profile for too long. Do we have anything else interesting to follow up on?”

Steve sighed and put the mug down, leaning forward. “Are you doing okay on this case? I know it started out personal, and I just-”
“Steve, you don’t have to finish the sentence.” Ella cut him off and stood up, stretching out her stiff muscles. She looked down at her watch and caught the time of 6.00pm, frowning.

She grabbed her jacket off the back of her chair and quickly logged out of her work account. “Because it’s personal, is why I’ll be more thorough than any other Detective. You know that,” she smiled as she pushed her arms into the sleeves, picking up her phone. “I have to go. Date night with Ted.” She made her way to the door, then paused as she remembered the coffee cup that Steve had just brought in for her.

Almost reading her mind, Steve shook his head and chuckled. “Don’t worry about it, I’ll drink a cup for each of us. Enjoy your date night, and I’ll call if there’s anything new.” She smiled at her partner and kept her hand on her mobile phone in the jacket pocket. “Okay, thanks.”

As she signed out, and left the building, Ella went over what they knew in her mind already. They were almost due for another victim in a day or so if the killer kept to his normal schedule. She had hoped they’d already hooked him, but it was feeling less likely. The last thing she wanted, was to get a call about another body.

They felt so close, but so far.

As Ella opened her car door in the police parking lot, she got a tingling sensation roll through her body. Somebody was watching her. She could feel it. Quickly pulling her attention up and over the window of the car, she tried to scan the area around her. It was deserted.

Shaking off the feeling, Ella got into her car and put it in gear. Maybe she had just imagined it. Maybe the case was getting to her.
Maybe she’d take a different, more complicated route to get home tonight anyway. Just in case.


I hope you enjoyed chapter 6 of The Murder App.
Come back next month for the next part of the story!

See You in The Adventures!

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