The Worst Date, or the Best?

You’re sitting on a romantic moonlit lake, in a small canoe with the cute guy across from you, so what does he say? Girls are a waste of time and romantic songs are all written by stupid drunks… uh, okay…?

Wait, hold the phone… is that really a date? Can it really be romantic when the guy across from you is telling you that you’re essentially not worth his time? Well, it was for Doris Day’s character in ‘On Moonlight Bay’! 

If you haven’t seen this movie (because to be fair, it was released in 1951) I’ll set the scene for you. Then YOU can decide if this was the WORST date ever, or the BEST… 

How They Met: 

Marjorie is a tomboy, and dressed in baseball clothes. She tries to stop her kid brother doing something dumb, but when Bill comes into the barn, he thinks she’s one of the boys being stupid. Okay, this WAS the 50s, so take this next part with that in mind…. Bill (thinking Marjorie is a little kid) decides to teach “him” a lesson for being dumb, and starts spanking her. When she looks up and he realises his mistake, he’s clearly mortified – but what does she do?

On Moonlight Bay (1951) starring Doris Day, Gordon MacRae, Billy Gray, Leon  Ames, Rosemary DeCamp, Mary Wickes, Ellen Corby, Jack Smith directed by Roy  Del Ruth Movie Review

On The Lake:

So step one on moonlight bay | Explore Tumblr Posts and Blogs | Tumgiron the First Date is a moonlight boat ride. Romantic music (By The Light Of The Silvery Moon to be exact) is playing on the shore, and many other lovers and also in small canoes. Bill is rowing, with a very elegant looking Marjorie across from him. So what does he say? Well, that girls are a waste of time, and he should be focusing on his studying.
Does that get Marjorie down? Nope.

Bill decides then to complain about “romantic music” like the song playing. He decides that they could only be written by drunk idiots – because romance isn’t practical you know.
Does that get Marjorie down? Nope.
They decide to go to the dance. 



The Dance: 

Okay, Bill is clearly a big spender now – because when the guy at the dance says it’s a 5c entry fee – EACH – Bill complains that he has to pay anything at all. Let alone the whole 10c (that was a bigger deal for the 50s). He’d clearly prefer a “cheap date”. 

When the do make it into the dance, poor Marjorie starts to loose some of the “discreet padding” she put in her dress all over the dance floor! Finally she heads to the bathroom – thoroughly embarrassed – to fix things. (I would be mortified and it would be the end for me!). 
Does any of this get Marjorie down? Nope. 


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The Carnival:

Okay, to give these guys credit – they fit A LOT into this first date. Now, we’re at a lakeside carnival. It’s pretty well known about rigged carnival games, right? Well, this time is no exception. The guy behind the booth gives the “little lady” a chance to throw baseballs at pins and knock them down for free – after Bill lost. He didn’t realise Marjorie has a FANTASTIC arm – and she knocks them all off the table. Unfortunately, he claims that it didn’t count because they didn’t pay – no doll for them. 

Bill decides this is unacceptable (which it isn’t) but he makes such a large scene, stands on his soapbox and yells at the top of his lungs about right and wrong. It reaches such a cringy stage, that the carnival man shoves the doll at him just to SHUT HIM UP. 
Does this get to Marjorie? Nope.

Doris Day, Gordon MacRae in On Moonlight Bay. | On moonlight bay, Classic  hollywood, Classic films


Finally Home: 

After this very telling evening out, Bill decides to end it with the PERFECT revelation… He doesn’t believe in marriage. At all. Ever. 
Does this get to Marjorie? Nope. 

After ALL OF THAT, Marjorie tells Bill (and means it), that it was a Lovely Evening, and the she had a Marvellous Time. 

Latest Ehm GIFs | Gfycat

Is she on crack? If that all happened to me, I would be filing for a restraining order and calling for an Uber. In all honesty, I do Love that Marjorie is happy to just go with the flow, but sometimes – enough is enough! I would have been outta there a long time before she was, props to her! 


A lot happens in Bill and Marjorie’s story – so go check out the movies… See You There 😀 

See You in The Adventures!

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