Deadlines We Don’t Meet

Deadlines come and go. Sometimes, we fall short…. but it’s actually okay.

When we don’t get to the finish line first, we lose. When we don’t get to the finish line at all, we’ve failed before we even got in the game. I’ve decided that it’s okay to lose.

I set a goal for myself earlier this year. To submit my next manuscript for something which had a strict deadline. I failed. I missed the deadline, by a few hours and 15k words. But you know what, I came pretty dang close!


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I’m still proud of myself for getting as close as I did. Especially considering I only had a month to get there (and do a LOT more work than I realised needed to get done).

I missed that deadline, but there are others. I’m going to keep moving forward. There is always a new deadline, a new opportunity, and a new chance to get back in the game. We may lose, we may have to pick ourselves up and dust ourselves off, but in the end – you can’t win if you’re not in the game! 

We shouldn’t feel discouraged because we may have missed the boat this time. Let’s pick up our little red wagon and sack lunch, then go again! 

Let’s risk losing, rather than never getting in the game.

When did you JUST sneak through for a deadline? was it an assignment, or writing deadline like me? Let us know when you only just made it! 

See You in The Adventures!

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