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Lessons from Serial Blogging

When I started the Christy Grace Scarlet Pen website/blog, I didn’t realise that ‘Serial Blogging’ was a thing. Then, I started one, and I STILL didn’t realise that’s what it was called.

The Hannah Carmichael Chronicles was my first attempt at serial blogging. It was a weekly series about a super spy called Hannah Carmichael. She was searching for her missing husband, navigating conspiracies, rival spies and her complicated family.

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Even though I didn’t know it was a thing, I still wrote and posted Hannah’s adventures. Eventually I complied all 70 instalments and created an eBook.
Okay, so what did I learn from the serial blogging process?

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I realised:

  • Releasing an instalment every week, meant a cut in quality
  • Editing was hard – especially when putting all 70 instalments into an ebook
  • Creating the ebook was a challenge in itself!!
  • Sticking to a weekly schedule can be hard. Particularly if you’ve got a full time job as well
  • Falling in love with characters is easy
  • It’s easy to get carried away and end up writing way too many instalments.


After everything I went through with Hannah, I have a deep affection for her and those characters. The story was my turning moment – the one where I remembered my passion for writing, and found my genre.

Since writing and releasing HCC, I found myself starting another serial blogging series. It comes out every month, and combines technology with murder! The Murder App is my next series, and I’m having fun with new characters and adventures. You can check out the first chapter of the series by clicking on the image below:

the murder app serial blogging series cgsp crime murder writer author

What is a continuing story that YOU would want to read? I’d love to hear your ideas, or see a link to your own serial blogging story!

See You in The Adventures!


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